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The snow has reached Oxfordshire! This morning I was at the bus stop with some language students who had never seen snow before, which was quite sweet.

Still, I cannot believe it has snowed in November. It's not even Christmas yet. It's not even the month of Christmas! Remember when the idea of a White Christmas in England seemed like a ridiculous Victorian fantasy? Granted it's not that deep, but it's deep FOR NOVEMBER.

Since it is snowing in Autumn, I fully expect it to get worse from here on in which is an excellent excuse to stop hemming and hawing and buy some expensive but allegedly durable boots I've been eying for a while. I do love them. And I did get a tax rebate that mostly covers them. It is more money than I've spent on one pair of shoes ever, and on shoes at all in the past few years, but I am hoping it will be an investment. My shoe stinginess is probably why I have practically no wearable shoes, but a damp pile of crumbling, peeling, vaguely foot shaped bits of faux leather and extremely cold toes. If the UK is a snow country now, I have got to shape up.

Even this leaves the question of purple or brown. Brown will go with more stuff, but most of my clothes will go with purple. Brown is fleece lined for warmth, but the fleece only goes to the ankles, leaving the feet cold and unsnuggled. Plus, the purple lining is prettier. Purple is more unusual- you can almost always find some cool boots that Indiana Jones might wear if he was a women in brown, but purple? That comes along less often. The purple are also lower in the bestseller list, meaning they will be slightly unusual.

I think I sense a poll coming on.

[Poll #1651185]
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