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I didn't do a reaction last week, but that's because it would have been a list of awesome quotes and some squee with the caveat that while I love soulless Sam I still want real Sam back. This week I have thoughts!

YES! Crowley was bluffing! \0/ I am so glad, because him being better than the powerful creatures that went before him at getting non corporeal things out of the Cage seemed unlikely. I am mixed on him being dead. My feeling is still 90% shock, for which I commend Show. They can still do the thing I thought they wouldn't. I thought he would be around all season! I thought they'd be Alpha hunting! My jaw may have actually dropped when Crowley just DIED.

So, on the one hand I am sad that hilariously snarky Crowley with his excellent actor for a meatsuit is gone. On the other I feel slightly vindicated that Crowley was the Hell King who needed the least oomph to kill (only half a season!) and that after his all his paygrade snarking (have you already forgotten that these boys defeated Lucifer, who had you hiding like a rat?) he knew he was beat before they beat him. Over all this is a generous layer of shock, confusion and anticipation for wherever they are going to take this. Who is even left to be an antagonist/saviour? God? Chuck? Death?

Well, anyway, another King of Hell down courtesy of the Winchesters. Azazeal, Lilith, freaking Lucifer, Crowley. You'd think that they'd learn to just leave the Winchesters alone.

There was one thing that just pissed me off and made me unhappy. Let's get it out of the way. THE NAKED TORTURE. Seriously. In the very same episode we had the shapeshifter tied up with rope, fully clothed, being stabbed in the shoulder and beaten round the head we had Meg naked, strapped reclining to a table, having something mysterious done to her with a knife below the chest. Seriously, fuck you whoever writes that shit. Why do you have to make me work so hard to still enjoy this episode? JUST DON'T DO IT. This is the kind of stuff that makes me hesitate to rec SPN to people. :(

That aside (and a few other skeevy lines, Dean) this episode was packed with plot. After a slow start this season is a rollercoaster!

• I am on board with this grandpa twist. Well, if you can call it a twist when all fandom totally saw it coming. But anyway, my point is that in one fell swoop he has made Dean his mortal enemy, which is good because their posturing back and forth while both holding back because of their blood relationship was getting dull, and introduced the vague possibility that Mary might come back, which I am very interested to see. If they brought back adult!Mary for a little bit, I would just be fascinated. She would totally choose her children over Samuel, right? She may be his daughter, but they're her sons, and she had adjusted to his death. This may all be moot with Crowley dead, but I'm sure someone will take over and Granpa has shown he is ready to stoop low.

• I'm surprised Meg wasn't a bit more pissed off about Sam putting Lucifer back in his cage.

• It is a little worrying how hot I find soulless Sam. He is so confident and competent and unwavering, with his glinting eyes and whole new set to his face and body and his quips. UNF SAM.

• I'm slightly sad Sam didn't have powers from drinking his own blood because powers would have upped his hotness from nuclear to fusion, but that would have meant Sam's blood was demony, so it's all good in the end. And using your teeth to draw blood to draw a Devil's Trap on the ceiling is SO BADASS I cannot even textually render it. UNF SAM.

• Dean also had many moments in this episode. His calm assurance that he would make it out (and yeah, if I was Dean I would be starting to feel that way) as he stared down their traitorous grandpa was madly hot.

• I am less sure about Castiel's weird shoehorned in sexuality. It was amusing for a few seconds and then Dean made a boner comment and Grandpa walked in and I wanted to DIE from mortification over the awkwardness. Then the bizarre kiss. Actually less awkward than the porn, but I am just not comfortable with Castiel as a sexual being. Even in the few shippy Castiel fics I've read, actual sexual contact is still a bit weird. Having it on screen is SO MUCH WORSE. He still gets the best lines, but but. Awkward!

• Okay, that "I feel so... clean" line cracked me up.

• This episode had a lot of medium level constant grossness. Those intestines everywhere? *retch*

• Re: Sam's soul. It seems pretty certain now that Sam's soul is in the cage having a very hard time. Why do people keep saying Dean should leave Sam's soul in Hell? While I can see the argument for Sam's body not wanting his soul back, how could anyone who cared about Sam as a person not want that? Better a broken Sam than a Sam being TORTURED FOR ETERNITY. Better one miserable human life than an eternity of torture. Even if Sam needed twenty four hour care for the rest of his life, the sheer lack torture would be worth it and I am assuming he would then go to heaven as before. I am glad that Dean seems to be going ahead steadily anyway, but puzzled at him not voicing the obvious reason for it and instead acting like he's doing it for the vague chance of getting Sam back properly.

• I am amazed that Sam lasted this long without changing his mind about his soul. I sort of expected him to sabotage their mission after he overheard Castiel and Dean talking, so I am beyond glad he instead got Dean out and then just told him he was done. Soulless!Sam apparently prefers being a straightforward kind of guy.

• I am glad that Dean said he would have killed Meg, because as much as I enjoy her and am glad she escaped, she has done too much shit to Sam and Dean for them to forgive her.

OMG LAST PRE HIATUS EP NEXT WEEK. THIS IS WHEN I THOUGHT SAM MIGHT GET RESOULED (please please please) BUT NOW CROWLEY IS DEAD SO I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE HELL TO THINK. Whatever happens, I know I will be cursing the very existence of mid season hiatuses.

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Date: 2010-12-04 03:41 pm (UTC)
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Well, you know how rollercoasters have to go up that long slow climb first before gaining momentum.

Soulless Sam is definitely hot! How he killed that demon and then just kept it and he can read people so calculating.

I was expecting him to use his powers as well, but according to Ruby and Azazel, he didn't even need the demon blood at all, so what happened to the innate powers? But I'm glad he didn't get them with drinking his own blood cuz like you said, that would suggest it all comes from his demon blood.

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Date: 2010-12-04 04:10 pm (UTC)
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Very true! That the most terrifying bit, as well.

It wouldn't have made sense, so I'm glad the writers didn't have Sam suddenly gain powers, but it would have been pretty cool. The devil's trap was also cool though. :D
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