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So... this was the first episode in a while that really felt like filer to me, even though it was packed with huge events.

First and foremost, YAY SAM'S SOUL IS BACK YAY YAY YAY! :D :D :D :D We may have faded to black at the exact annoying second (I had my eye on the timebar and my fingers crossed in abjectly futile hope, but no cigar) but surely, SURELY SURELY SURELY, we are now due a proper hug. PLEASE PLEASE HUG PROPERLY I HAVE WAITED SO PATIENTLY. Okay, whinily while periodically insulting the writers and characters, but still, nonviolently, which I consider a feat of great will power. HUG HUG HUG.

• All season I have been typoing soul as sould. Everytime. It's an irritating private struggle I have so far kept to myself, but when it comes to Winchesters, kind of appropriate.

• I don't know if I can exactly say I called it when I randomly mentioned Death last week in a throwaway list of still living powerful characters, but, called it!

• Death is awesome. He is played by an excellently creepy actor. He is old and powerful enough to make Dean cringe when Dean is reflexively rude and quippy (and man, I never realise just how rude Dean is until he talked to Death) and old and powerful enough to not really care that much. He doesn't need to compensate for anything guys. He's fucking Death, okay? Dean Winchester's rough edges are nothing.

• The "Death for a day" thing didn't exactly make sense, though I felt it could easily have made sense with just a little more exposition about the powers of the ring vs the powers of Death (which, appropriately, I keep misspelling as Dean) and why Death is never there when people die like Dean had to be. By framing it as more of a trial Dean had to get through than him actually doing Death's actual job (which he clearly wasn't), for example, or saying it was 0.000001% of Death's job because Dean is a trainee and Death can touch a thousand people a second and still have time to eat a pizza reeeaaally slowly.... but eh. Another higher power tried to teach a Winchester a lesson that probably won't stick because the writers aren't always very good at keeping Dean's character development straight. Must be Thursday Friday.

• I did like the other part of Death's message, and am intrigued that Sam and Dean have been directed to investigate human souls by Death himself. I sense more Balthazar cameos in the works!

• It worked out in the end, but I was a wee bit pissed off when I thought Dean might have ruined the deal when he was going to reap the girl anyway. SAM DEAN, SAAAAAM. This might all have been a red herring to hold off resouling till the finale!

• I think that part of the reason, a few key Death scenes aside, I wasn't fully into this episode, is that I could barely pay attention through the infernal waiting. It was all so much filler until the last moment with hardly any SamnDean interaction or soulless!Sam snarking (I will miss you, Robo!Sam. I wanted a better send off for you) and that rendered it oddly unexciting. You can't argue with results though, and the result is at least half a season of actual Sam (AT LAST) in January. :D :D

Okay, there were more good things in this episode.

• The notion that Sam and Dean's lives are a catalyst for chaos and death and misery because they are against the natural order does slot seamlessly into the SPN verse and explain a lot. Really Mary is to blame, I suppose, and now I want fic where, even in her brief time of happy marriage, she is the butterfly behind this constant wave of random, barely related, unfair death. She studiously ignores it, but somewhere inside, she knows there is more death around her than there should be. Maybe she's kind of relieved when Azazeal finally comes for her, because it was only a matter of time before her children and her husband were caught up in it all. Little does she know.

• Death making Dean choose between Sam and Adam and Dean not even pretending to struggle over the choice. Sorry Adam. It does suck for you, but there was never going to be another answer.

• Soulless!Sam saying that Dean only cares about his little brother burning in Hell not him, because YES, I am glad that someone finally laid that out so clearly. Sam is in Hell. Getting him out is the priority that trumps everything else.

This wall thing is going to be a ticking time bomb. It's a little too literal sounding (although "don't scratch the wall, Sam" was a great line. It's bizzarre enough to be an acknowledgment that this is a bit ridiculous, but also full of foreboding. I can never not scratch an itch), but necessary, because Sam needs to be up and about advancing the plot, not a gibbering mess. On the other hand, I hope they don't completely wipe out all of Hell's effects on Sam. I love the angst, and so does Show, so I can't believe the writers would let this opportunity pass them by. Nightmares will leak out, perhaps. A general sense of madness and pain will hang over Sam's thoughts. A villain will hold tearing the wall down over them and crumble a corner to give Sam a taste of what is one the other side. Sam just won't be able to leave it alone, even as he knows it could kill him. Perhaps Castiel can mention giving Dean one to explain how Dean is so sane after being in Hell longer than he's been on Earth.



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