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So, it took countless download attempts on three occasions from four different sources and I ended up with a crappy resolution 100mb file I am definitely going to have to redownload for proper examination of Sam's face when I am back in place with faster speeds that 9kb per second (FOR SERIOUS, 9KB) but NEW SPN OMG!!

Dudes. Seeing actual SAM was so, so, so worth the day I have wasted on Libya's shitty internet. :D :D :D SAM IS BACK. And now that Sam is back, DEAN IS ALSO BACK. THE WINCHESTERS ARE BACK. :D I don't even mind that Sam doesn't remember anything because a) it meant we got some (almost) angst and secret and resentment free brotherly interaction and b) I'm pretty sure Sam coming back normal and unburdened is going to last about as long as Dean coming back normal and unburdened did. I will get the hurt and hopefully comfort that I crave eventually. If you build it, they will come.


• Dean's little smile when Sam uses empathy and compassion to get them in the door with the witness. I WANT TO SMOOSH ALL THE FACES. :D :D :D :D

• ALL THE BROTHERLY BANTER. :D :D :D :D :D x infinity

- "I think I delivered it"

- "You're still not funny"

- "You're such a nerd" and SAMMY'S LITTLE FROWN. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

• A proper, clingy, heartfelt hug!!!

• A Harry Potter and a Memento reference in one conversation? Bobby Singer, I almost considered downgrading my glare at you for being meeeeean to Sam.

• Sam and Castiel's reunion. Okay, when Sam denied Castiel's hug attempt, I admit I was weirdly disappointed. It might not have been awkward if they powered through and just hugged! But the actual Sam actually brooding scene, with his eyes all shiny and pained and his brow furrowed and his voice rough with emotion totally made up for it. Sam! Have I mentioned I missed you?

• The fact that Sam found out he was unsouled within one episode (and how quickly he realised that's what happened, smart!Sammy ftw!) rather than it lingering horribly. For the first half of the episode I was all "FOR FUCK'S SAKE DEAN HOW IS THIS GOING TO END WELL????" but thank heaven for Castiel. We really do have a clean slate!

• And the fact Sam apologized for what his body did rather than being cross Dean kept it from him. He didn't need to because it was totally not his fault (oh god, this is going to be like Angel all over again isn't it? SOULS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THINGS THEIR BODIES DO WHEN THE SOULS HAVE BEEN FORCIBLY REMOVED. HOW MANY TIMES DO WE NEED TO GO OVER THIS, BELOVED TV CHARACTERS?), but the fact that he did is totally Sammy. :D

• Sam's longer arms. And legs. And everything. Speaking of the sword, I really wanted to know if Sam could have removed it. Oooh, or Castiel. He's an actual warrior for God. Didn't they love that stuff 700 years ago?

Things I did not love that much:

• The plot. I don't know if me or SPN is more confused about what dragons are after that, but someone went wrong at some point.

Things that could go either way:

• The mother of monsters thing. Firstly, I don't know how Dean has forgotten that whole "everyone has a mother" scene because I found it very memorable. Secondly, I think the success of this hangs largely on the actress they have chosen. Does anyone recognize her? I am hoping for more than adult!Lilith redux.

Best thing of all:

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