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So far, I LOVE Season 6 Part 2. :D It's killing me with the cliffhangers (I WILL GET TO THAT), but I am loving it anyway. It still feels kind of like a treat to get a Sam POV episode- and it was definitely needed after last week's resouling. Most of all, I just loved Sam is this. For the first time in years he really did seem like my most favourite Sam. I have loved all flavours of Sam, with his varying degrees of badassery, secrecy, rage, empathy and soul, but this Sam right here is the one I still think of as fundamental Sam, what he was before all the shit of S4 and S5 buried him under more angst than anyone could take. I love seeing him naturally empathetic, talking people down with big eyes and soft tones and sincere open palms, being annoyingly, stubbornly reckless with himself to help others and pursue answers and justice. I also love the concerned Dean this brings out, wanting to carry Sam away from all danger, but helpless in the face of Sam's adult independence and powers of persuasion, going along to try and minimize whatever Sam is getting into and saying 'I told you so' along the way, because he's still the big brother. Basically, it's nice to see the show try and showcase something about Sam other than his rage or pride, because I was getting sick of that and it's been seeming less and relevant since S5, and it's just as good to see this bring out Dean's love for Sam rather than his mistrust, anger or ambivalence towards Sam. HUGS FOR ALL WINCHESTERS BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I do wonder how much of this change (I don't want to say regression, because that sounds negative... er, healing? That sounds like I'm a tool, but I think it's more what I mean) in Sam is the Wall protecting him from his traumatic memories and how much is a consequence of Sam redeeming himself in 5x22 and breaking away from the demonic plan that has blighted his entire life to save the world, but I like to think this is the Sam we'd have had if he'd been brought back from the Cage soul and all right away. It's definitely the Sam I've been hoping to see all season!

Of course, the last two episodes might be all I get of Sam!Sam for a while because HOLY SHIT, was that the wall breaking? O_O I was not expecting that so early on! ... Since it is so early on, I am thinking Sam probably isn't going to be incapacitated next week. Perhaps the last few seconds weren't the wall crumbling, but rather the kind of discrete leak we saw all episode, just a taste of hell rather than a glimpse of what Sam's body got up to? Sam has been kind of blase about hell and the Wall so far. Next week I am expecting a bit more respect for the Wall and some general freaking out, rather than catatonia.

Other things:

• I am totally up for a weekly flashback to Robo!Sam's sexual adventures. It seems to be a large proportion of what he spent his time doing (how long were him and Samuel in town that he managed to score with that many women??), so I think this should be reflected in what we are shown. It's only fair. And it's really hot.

• Grandpa was so... compliant in these flashbacks. He may have been strutting round in front of Dean and the other Campbells like he's the ultimate boss, but Robo!Sam was calling every single shot when they hunted together. Dean would never have gone along with what Sam did! I am having trouble putting together this Samuel with the more domineering Samuel we saw earlier in the season though. Perhaps it was not having any Campbell cousins to save face with? Hmmm. Whatever the reason, this is yet more points against Grandpa. Sam didn't have a soul, what's Samuel's excuse? He called Sam cold and let him do the dirty work, but Samuel still trusted Sam in early S6, so it seems like he tacitly approved of Sam's handling of the situation. He just didn't want to get his hands dirty. I hate that. If you're going to stray off the moral path, at least don't be a hypocrite about it.

• Jared is doing so well making Sam into two distinct characters, and having them both in one episode really highlighted that. I'm so weirdly proud! :D

• Dad quoting!! Awesome.

• Actual real life problems like being wanted by the law again! Awesome.

• Sam and Dean were both so GORGEOUS in this episode, and SO well shot. I approve of whoever directed this and their generous use of facial close ups.

• I do not approve of the effects. Nothing quite reached the depths of last week's "dragons", and the eyes were pretty cool, but I hoped for more from a spidery monster. A bit more skittering perhaps? I'm not going to get into the flames. Hopefully we'll see as much of Sam's hell as we did Dean's, and that's it for actual attempts to visually render something unimaginable.

I think there was other stuff... but I am tired from flying, and my body clock thinks it is four am. I must retire for tonight!
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