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The first scene alone would have made this episode worthwhile. I love the first scene. I watched it several times before the episode even really started. Dean's broken "Sam. Sammy" and his looking around, and his checking Sam's pulse and clutching him. It's like the AHBL1 moment we never got to see. With a happy ending! Ish. Poor Sammykins. On fire for a week. :( ( :D )

Are we to assume from this that Sam actually sort of died momentarily? It seemed like his breathing stopped, and Dean didn't seem reassured by the results of taking Sam's pulse. Huh. Here I thought the memories would just cause insanity!

And can I just say, I love the way they keep picking up a few seconds after cliffhangers this season. Finally SPN! I have been wanting that for years!

I mostly enjoyed the casefile. It had Sam working leads all competent and unimpressed with bullying, a good solid horror cliche plot SPN has somehow never done before that took me right back to season 1, and then a twist! Haunted kidneys are cool. I kind of wish they'd had a chance to do some "hoodoo" before the episode took the lame, easy way out and just killed the sister, but eh. Time was running low and we got a nice old fashioned pep talk to wrap things up.

The final scene was also the best bit! Dean down about hunting and Sam giving him the "we're worth it" speech to cheer him on. This really is like old times! I love it! :D :D :D

The random unfinished Dean and the Braedens plotline was less satisfying. In fact, I sense an edited version of this episode may be coming to my computer soon. Not just because I resent all threats to my SamDean bubble (although, let's face it, that's a significant contributor) but also because... meh. Dean drives through the night and has two half conversations. Ben continues to be an occiasionally kind of creepy (I didn't appreciate that third date comment) child. Lisa continues to be pretty cool, but I can never quite resolve her "best year of my life" spiel with every other scene she's done. Dean continues to confuse me even more than he's confusing Lisa and Ben. What DOES he want? He implied strongly that he loves Lisa and Ben, but he had to be made to answer the phone, he was weirdly distant on the phone to Ben and in response to Lisa and Ben practically pleading with him to resolve anything in any way he gave the kind of look he normally gives a picturesque sunset and said... nothing. Compare that to his emotion over Sam. I'm sort of seeing Lisa's point here, because I would be be pissed off, confused and unhappy if I was in her shoes. Date the doctor Lisa! It will be in both our interests.

I think it will be less awkward for everyone if we do SPN the courtesy of pretending the montage never happened.


• Pills! That's new. Right? Interesting Sam turned them down. I want fic where he avoids all addictive substances now and some painful injury befalls Sam and Sam tells the hospital he's doesn't want narcotics because he's an addict and Dean's all "TAKE THE MORPHINE", but Sam resists. Someone must have already written that.

• I like the hell bonding. I'm not sure if spurts of violence and alcoholism really worked for Dean, but to each his own. Mostly I enjoyed Dean, all forbidding and big brotherly and gruffly concerned. :D

• I am glad Sam doesn't know who Snookie is. I notice he seems fully knowledgeable about Glee though. How long has that been around? Is it pre Cage? I keep forgetting SPN is kind of in the future now.

• "Be my Valentine?" ♥_♥

• PLANTS VS ZOMBIES. Maybe Ben isn't so bad. Also, I am on my fourth run through Adventure this very evening. I tell myself I'm just in it to get to the pinata zombies, but I know deep down inside that I have a problem.

• The music seemed extra strident today. Did I imagine that?

• The Impala is Dean's sex doll. There was a sex doll! Win forever.

That seems an odd note to end on, but there we go. :D
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