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I've actually been quite looking forward to this episode! I can't say I wasn't nervous, but every time SPN does a meta episode I get hugely worried, and then I end up grudgingly enjoying it, so this time I tried (with some success) to skip the fretting and just do the enjoying. I did mostly enjoy it! It was the most insubstantial and mental episode we've had all season, and I was cringing SO MUCH in some bits (the bad acting bit. Oh god. Hilariously awful but TOO MUCH for my delicate sensibilities) that it can never ever be a favourite, but I was definitely left with smile and a feeling of awed disbelief (or disbelieving awe... I'm not sure) at just how bonkers SPN is willing to go with the meta. Sera Gamble has balls.

Here is what I took away from the episode, in no particular order:

• FINALLY they've given a female vessel to a formerly male angel. I have been longing for them to do that! New Raphael seemed extremely promising in the brief glimpse we got of her.

• I enjoyed seeing Genevieve! I find her ridonkulously gorgeous. I am increasingly convinced I am going to have to see her film at some point (and maybe get the poster with its giant image of her face) even though I have an inexplicable aversion to music industry films. For one thing, I find most female actresses tend to look better off SPN than they do on (I don't know why! Hair, make up and wardrobe are more used to men?) and I have to know what that is like.

• I also extra enjoyed Misha this week! I was shocked and dismayed when he was killed, because now he is dead forever in that reality. :(

• Everyone else dying was... weird. I kind of laughed, and then I kind of cringed. What was with that leaning guy?

• I think this episode would have been much MUCH harder to watch if it hadn't been so far removed from reality (for one thing, whoever wrote Misha's tweets into the script has clearly not spent much time reading his actual feed. Misha is darker, madder and way more interested in world leaders than J2. But I digress). Having it be set in bizzarro world made it all less skeevy than I expected. I had a weird fear of them recreating someone's actual house or rapport, but instead it was mad and silly and therefore not awkward at all. Well done SPN! You walk the thin and crazy line you drew for yourself well.

The only really important thing to note about this episode, and no it's not all that angelic weaponry blah blah blah blah, was that Sam and Dean wanted to go home TO BE BROTHERS. :D :D :D
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