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Mar. 9th, 2011 10:26 pm
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So, I don't think Neal knew what was going on. I've read all these recaps that are like IS NEAL EVIL?? but I really don't think he is. It's not just wishful thinking! Every time White Collar has had a fake evil cliff hanger (Peter and the ring, Diana and music box in her safe) it has turned out to be fake. If Neal had been involved with the hanger blowing up, why would the note say "You'll thank me"? Okay, it clearly had his art in it, but that was in a storage locker that was probably pretty easy for a thief to get into. I was also pretty convinced by Neal's reaction to Peter accusing him. Saying "prove it" wasn't a particularly helpful thing to say, but it was a moment of high emotion!

So WHO THE HELL could be behind this? Or more specifically, who would do this and then just give Neal the art? This list is in order of how unlikely I think it is, from "hmmm, I guess I can see that," to "uh, what show were you watching?".

1) Mozzie. I can see him telling Neal about the treasure and knowing how to get Neal's art to put inside. But we haven't seen him operate alone much. Would he be so dramatic? Why would he leave a note? Even though he seems most likely on paper, I am just not sure how this would work as plot next season. At this point, as brilliant as he is, Mozzie is too cute and not mysterious enough.

2) Alex. Okay, I can't see her giving Neal the treasure. But I can see her doing the rest and she was most likely to know the true location of the warehouse. Maybe she's wooing Neal with stolen art? Maybe she's re-giving up the obsession now she's found the U Boat as an incredibly unrealistic plot device? Hmmm.

3) A new character... Neal's father? I know it sounds like fanfic, but the writers have brought him up this season, and Adler made a father reference in their confrontation. Is this the writers sowing the seeds for a new over arching plot next season?

4) Kate. Hear me out! I was totally on the verge of accepting she was actually dead (come on. No one is dead on TV unless you've seen the body, and even then it's only 50:50) but the combination of mystery and doing nice things for Neal could fit her. After seeing her and Neal's story though, I'm unsure if she could pull it off.

Oh, I don't know. I also don't think there's anyway to glean the answer from what they've given us. Basically I am not ready to accept that Neal betrayed Peter. HE TOTALLY HASN'T SHUT UP. NEAL AND PETER SHARE PERSONAL STORIES ON PETER'S SOFA AND EL KNOWS NEAL COMES THROUGH WHEN IT MATTERS AND THIS IS JUST A MISUNDERSTANDING.

Next season I am not watching the finale until the next season starts. *pout*

I know some of you watch it. TALK TO ME.
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