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How on earth did the next Harry Potter movie get so close without me realising? I saw a poster today and actually looked at the date and BLOODY HELL NEXT WEEKEND. It's probably good I didn't realise till now because I always get ridiculously excited, even though I am sometimes a little disappointed. BUT. This time has the potential to be extra amazing. I have only read DH a couple of times (as compared to the fifty thousand I have read all the others) and not read it at all in the past few years. I’ve hardly read any post DH fic that could have cemented plot details in my mind . All in all I am as close to not knowing what will happen as I can ever get without traumatic brain injury. This will likely greatly enhance my viewing pleasure. Stoking the excitement even more is the prospect of all the outside world action. As much as I do love the Hogwarts sets, I am immensely excited about everyone not being at school. There is going to be London! HP does London so well. Not to mention tents and woods and other things I can't recall because that is how little I remember the plot, seriously. Best of all, Harry, Hermione and Ron will be travelling together and battling alone against the world, which will please my fannish heart. Even though I read Harry/anyone H/R/Hr was totally my secret favourite.

If any awesome HP fic springs to anyone's mind, feel free to tell me! Anything from post-DH gen written last week to classic H/D slash that you last read years ago, I am up for anything Harry is in.
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6.06 )

Also, here is some awesome 606 spoiler free meta by [ profile] zimshan on how Sam is different.

I have more to say, but I have to go do more Halloween party prep. Sorry if this ends a bit abruptly! The theme is prom/monster and me and my flatmate still have a lot of silver fringing and banners to hang up.
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So my charger is broken AGAIN. Apple are sending me a replacement within two weeks under my warranty. I may have just bought a new one off ebay for £13 anyway because I can't stand to wait that long for the next episode of SPN. I AM TENSE OKAY? And not having a computer sucks even when it isn't SPN day. Fingers crossed it arrives by Saturday or I really will have wasted a tenner. Also they better give us some bloody answers because this is turning out to be a very expensive episode.

Anyway, if I ignore your comments for a few days it is because I am totally computerless. This is my flatmate's computer, but she is usually using it and I have to keep erasing the history in case it mentions porn. My home laptop is all tired out and I can't even skive off at work to check my flist because we are in the midst of moving offices and all the computers and phones have been disconnected. Tomorrow I will be there all alone coordinating movers and I can't even phone anyone because there ARE NO PHONES. How did I end up in charge of stuff?
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604 to 606 title and Soon preview spoilers... plus that 604 first look clip )

God, how is it only Monday? As if I didn't long for the weekend enough already....

SPN 6.03

Oct. 11th, 2010 09:23 pm
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Ever since SPN transitioned to Fridays and the possibility of writing an episode reaction at a leisurely pace rather than between my shower and my bus to work has appeared, I have had unusually distracting weekends. First, I had to work all weekend. Then there was a friend from Scotland visiting and I had to actually go places and be entertaining. Then this weekend one of my cats (or my flatmate's cats, but I feel I count as a step parent at least) had to be rushed to the 24 hour vet in a nearby village that can only feasibly be accessed by taxi. Between him being admitted, being brought back and needing various unexpected medications at oh dark thirty I have made enough taxi journeys this weekend that I have a "usual" with the local company. They mostly recognise my voice. Also I am very poor.

Thankfully, the cat has recovered better than anyone expected! It was bladder related, and he has since recovered enough to pee on the sofa. For the first time in the history of ever, this is actually good news. Technically. If the trauma of the experience has made him a cat who pees everywhere I may change my mind.

I did still watch SPN though! Better late than never. )

I may have caved and watched the 'Soon' and I HAVE THOUGHTS. However I will make a separate post about it, so please don't mention it here.
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I am LATE to the party because I worked 12 hour days on Saturday and Sunday and have been recovering ever since. But quick 6.01 reaction! )
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There is one item of clothing which I have always found to be, somewhat unaccountably, the sexiest thing ever. EVER EVER. On men and women. Today (or a few days ago, but I was away for a long weekend) GQ brought me not just the name of that garment, so that I can stop awkwardly describing it, but also pictures of Matt Bomer wearing it. THANK YOU GQ. I am thinking of taking out a subscription in gratitude.

Is this one of those things that is all over flists everywhere? Well, I'm posting it anyway. Matt Bomer in various Henleys. And random Jared Padalecki from a few years ago, because HENLEY. UNF. )

My long weekend was AWESOME by the way. Open House Weekend is one of my very favourite times of year (there may be a post later on the ridiculous number of places I squeezed in) and as a bonus, I got to hang out with [ profile] lazy_daze Saturday night. I have been left with a ridiculously long list of thing I must watch/read/listen to as a result, but I got to commiserate/squee over SPN and talk about Project Runway, so I am happy. :D
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So this week was meant to be when I got my laptop back, but I phoned the Apple store yesterday and they said that the parts hadn't even ARRIVED yet. D: They don't know why, and they agree it is taking a surprisingly long time, but can only wait. Oh, and it may take another two to four (four!) weeks after they receive the parts to fit them. This is all taking us dangerously close to me MISSING THE SUPERNATURAL PREMIERE.

Ugh. This is like when I was in Libya, possibly the one place in the world that doesn't sell Harry Potter books, when Deathly Hallows was released.


In other news, the new job is still going well! And I finally caved and got a bus pass, which makes me disproportionately happy. Travel freedom! It has been so long. I may use it mainly to travel to Internet cafes. I have also become slightly obsessed with cooking things in a Thermos with boiling water. You're limited to grains and quick cooking dried things like lentils, but it's surprisingly yummy and you have 8 hours to decide when you want to eat it. This stops me from doing that thing where I put off making dinner all evening and end up eating dry toast at 11.00.
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Hello flist! Several things.

1. For those wondering what happened with the job situation, I went for... Option 3! A hitherto unconsidered option. I accepted Job 1 and will also work part time in my current job to make up a full time job. I have to be the assistant of the person I used to be, which is a little odd, but hey. Maybe one day I can have £0 instead of the minus something I currently do. Dare to dream! It is still slightly less money than Job A, but now only just. I start the new job in the middle of next week. Slightly petrifying!

2. I am currently, due to aforementioned continuing part time in my current office, without an official desk. By September there will be a free permanent place to sit, but until then I sit at the desk of whoever is on leave. Today (in fact, this month), that person is the Director of the whole department. I have a huge desk and four walls and windows and what is meant to be a really comfortable chair. I'm actually not a big fan of the back support thing attached to the chair, but am too afraid to adjust anything in case I can't get the chair back to how it was. The private office is mostly cool, but guys, it is lonely at the top. I may be able to go on lj without fear of being caught, but I miss chatting casually throughout the day to everyone else in the office. I just heard laughter and I have no idea what it was about!

3. My computer charger is broken, again, which is a bit of a downer. Thankfully I should still be in warranty and am going to London (where the closest official Apple Store is) anyway for a birthday party this Saturday, so should only have to endure a few laptop free days. But still, I am very pouty about it and can't tell RL people why I mind so much. I have an addiction, okay! Also, I want to know who makes the SYTYCD final.

4. All complaints are balanced out ten million times over by PROPOSITION 8 OVERTURNED IN CALIFORNIA!!!! :D :D :D
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Hello! You may or may not have noticed me vanishing more than usual the past while, but I am going to attempt to be back more. I have been insanely busy (this always seems to happen during Big Bang season WHY GOD WHY) with life stuff and have barely had time to skim my flist, watch Leverage (pretzels!) and White Collar (I nearly died of squee, there may be more on that later) and pine for Sam Winchester. I did meet [ profile] laulan yonks ago (she is even more lovely in person and I thoroughly endorse and recommend her) and then two people left my office and I somehow ended up with all their work. Since then I rather feel BT should refund my Broadband fee.

Anyway, I am selfishly back to implore participation in my first ever *drumroll* POLL!

The situation is as follows. I have somehow gone from miserable career prospects (being forced to go down to three days a week next month in an interesting but ridiculously badly paid job) to suddenly having two potential jobs. I have to decide this week and I am torn like a bi-bro fangirl watching season 4. I have prepared a handy-dandy table that outlines my two choices.

Job 1Job A
One year of maternity coverSix month contract which may be extended subject to funding.
This means no long term prospect of employment, but I really want to move to London next year anyway and this way I could not get complacent and settled and would have to be looking for a new job around the end of my lease. Sometimes tough decisions have to be made for future!persuna's own good.They say six months, but there is a very good chance of a permanent job. Those can be hard to find and I am SO sick of never knowing what is to become of me more than a month or two in advance.
Decent annual salary band, but a part time position. I will get about 70% of the full salary. The exact same salary band, but full time.
Gross salary will be enough to live on, but maybe not enough to save significantly. I will have more free time, which would be useful for an evening course I really want to do. And fandom.More money! That speaks for itself. There might be a chance my account could one day be real money and not whatever is left of my overdraft!
The job actually sounds interesting. It's still admin, but admin in an cool department with people who seem nice and relaxed and one corner festooned with pictures of George Clooney. I am not extra-specially into George, but I am fond, and I like what it says about the office.This job will be similar to what I do now, but while everyone seems like lovely people it is a slightly more… polished office than Job 1. I get the feeling they all sit up straight and that five simultaneous calenders of their favourite celebrity would be unseemly. This could be an unfair assesment.
I won't have to ask people for money.I will have to ask people for money. Subtly. And refer to people as "Prospects". I have avoided that so far.
Doesn't offer any clear future career path. Could just be more messing around, putting off making any decisions about any form of life plan.Offers career path in area I am not keen on. See above point.
In a few months the office will move to a random outskirt location while office restoration happens. This will take 90% of my tenure. A minibus will be provided from the town centre.The locaton is not only central, but really close to my old office with lovely colleagues who continue to include their ex-colleagues in afterwork Monday Margaritas. I like Monday Margaritas.

[Poll #1594053]

Feel free to elaborate in comments!
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SYTYCD7 final lineup )


And I can't believe I am going to have to watch anime after avoiding it all this time, but I am going to have to watch anime. SPN, stop ruining my life!
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Several things are good this weekend! Even apart from it being the weekend. And it being a bank holiday weekend. And those are already reason to celebrate! Anyway:

First and maybe foremost, Eurovision is on tomorrow! I was standing in a queue in Sainsbury's when I realised May was almost over and I hadn't seen Eurovision. I despaired at missing it, but it turns out to be tomorrow. *\0/* I am so excited! I will also get to watch it with my best friend in person for the first time instead of watching while on the phone as we usually do. I am excited for the indulgent lunacy of the Ukraine, the serious lunacy of the Germans and whatever weird S&M fantasy Greece have come up with this year. Yay!!!

My birthday ice cream machine finally arrived! W00t! In celebration I was going to make a range of Eurovision themed ice creams, but instead I am going to make rum and vanilla ice cream (using homemade rum vanilla essence) and red mulled wine sorbet. In fact the custard for the former is already chilling in the fridge.

I have just washed all my bedding and my bed is SO COMFY tonight.

In the morning I don't have to get up till I feel like it, instead of at 6.30 after going to bed after midnight as had happened every night this week. And next week my boss will have left the country on the big trip I have been preparing for, so it will go back to a normal pace!

Yay blessings!

P.S Has anyone read/is anyone planing to read Sera Gamble's erotic short story? I am veeeery curious. Will she have a tall, broad shouldered hero with cat eyes and a sharp jawline? I want to know what it is like but I spent all my luxury budget on ice cream ingredients...
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If you feel like you haven't cut for emotion spoilers ) over 5.22 then you should watch this little vid by [ profile] ashdoode. Er, spoiler cut again. )

I want 5.22 vids now.

P.S LJ is totally not sending me my comment notifications. Maybe all the 5.22 discussion has broken it!
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more 5.22 )

Soooo.... what is the evidence for this potential extra long hiatus I hear bandied about?


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