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Spoilers for the last few aired episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Bones and House. Oh, and SPN 4.21. )

I'm a few years late, but the first season of Heroes is SO COOL. And addictive. Best X-men rip off EVER. I've heard it gets less good in later seasons, but for now I'm achieving very little because I have to keep watching it all the time. Even though it has a frustratingly huge cast and is always dropping the plotline I want to see more of. And has also made me feel bad for irrationally disliking Milo Ventimiglia the past few years. It's not really his fault that Jess was an asshole on Gilmore Girls and he'll never be Jared Padalecki. Or that he has a Sylvester Stallone mouth. Peter Petrelli turned out awesome! His hair is ridiculous and yet endearing. I don't see why he doesn't leave New York and work on controlling his power elsewhere, but I'm sure it's all building up to something fun. Which I am dying to get to, but I have to keep going to sleep and working and missing out valuable episode watching time!

P.S T minus 2 days 1 hour and 16 minutes. Thank you


May. 1st, 2009 10:34 am
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4.20 thing )

Edit: Also, how long is this season of Bones? I'm not complaining, far from it, but it keeps on going and going. 22 is normal, right?
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A touch of Bones talk, because I had to occupy my SPN waiting time with something )

In other news, with some genuinely amazing timing, as the final moments of Bones played on my screen, Supernatural finished downloading.

SPN 4.14 spoilers )

ETA 2: Okay, according to my Tree gmail theme there is a lightning storm happening. *cranes neck* Not so much.
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Nobody can be as sappy as Booth and Brennan on a television screen and not have me gag a little (Sam and Dean are too fucked up to be purely sappy). Bones spoilers )

Also, I watched SPN again...

Random nothings re:4.11 )

On a more sombre note, HOLY CRAP FLATMATE ARE YOU SERIOUS WITH THE ELECTRIC SAW AT MIDNIGHT? And gentle hammering is still hammering. Just bash it properly and get it over with, the multitude of little taps is just as bad. You better be building a present for me.


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