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First, a rec! A cute, funny, hot college!AU where Jensen moons over Jared in an adorkable way. I realised I had not read a fluffy J2 AU in MONTHS as I read this. It was great way to break the fast!

A Second Chance To Make A First Impression by __tiana__.

Second... has anybody else noticed that the UK press has started slashing David Cameron and Nick Clegg? The BBC made an honest to god FANVID of them. And not a very good one. The headlines are MADNESS. The Independent. The INDEPENDENT. A fangirl lives in all of us, even hardened political journalists. Apparently.

I am also feeling oddly hopeful about government! Er, I was before I noticed all the slash too. Since I have thought for about a decade that the Tories will get in any moment and only thought for about a day that the Lib Dems might have a snowball's chance of getting to be opposition, this is actually amazingly better than I thought it would be.

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Oh bugger. D: Well, it's not a win. A coalition could be interesting.

This is an interesting article about what might happen now. I wish a second election wasn't so unlikely.... I call do-over!

Also, I went to bed at three and have had about four hours sleep. Apparently today at work I am being drafted for some database data entry even though I have LOADS of my actual job to do... okay, to be fair, I am mostly e-mailing my flatmate with misery. But that's not what I should be doing! My point is, I may fall asleep at my desk because I HATE DATABASES. But not enough that the fires of my rage will keep me awake.
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Right, off to London to vote. Sigh. I am not hugely in the mood for hours on a bus, but such is my devotion to democracy!

A friend of mine is having an election party in London. I am debating attending.


- She is definitely going to vote Conservative, and so are most of her friends.

- I do have to go to work tomorrow (no chance of a sick day) so I probably should be in bed sometime reasonable

- If I do go I definitely will not get up early enough for SPN


- I can go early and help with cake decoration

- Cake will come in three topical colours

- At least three other non-Conservatives are going

Cake may be winning....


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