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So, it took countless download attempts on three occasions from four different sources and I ended up with a crappy resolution 100mb file I am definitely going to have to redownload for proper examination of Sam's face when I am back in place with faster speeds that 9kb per second (FOR SERIOUS, 9KB) but NEW SPN OMG!! )
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I didn't do a reaction last week, but that's because it would have been a list of awesome quotes and some squee with the caveat that while I love soulless Sam I still want real Sam back. This week I have thoughts!

SPN 6.10 )
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6.06 )

Also, here is some awesome 606 spoiler free meta by [ profile] zimshan on how Sam is different.

I have more to say, but I have to go do more Halloween party prep. Sorry if this ends a bit abruptly! The theme is prom/monster and me and my flatmate still have a lot of silver fringing and banners to hang up.

SPN 6.03

Oct. 11th, 2010 09:23 pm
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Ever since SPN transitioned to Fridays and the possibility of writing an episode reaction at a leisurely pace rather than between my shower and my bus to work has appeared, I have had unusually distracting weekends. First, I had to work all weekend. Then there was a friend from Scotland visiting and I had to actually go places and be entertaining. Then this weekend one of my cats (or my flatmate's cats, but I feel I count as a step parent at least) had to be rushed to the 24 hour vet in a nearby village that can only feasibly be accessed by taxi. Between him being admitted, being brought back and needing various unexpected medications at oh dark thirty I have made enough taxi journeys this weekend that I have a "usual" with the local company. They mostly recognise my voice. Also I am very poor.

Thankfully, the cat has recovered better than anyone expected! It was bladder related, and he has since recovered enough to pee on the sofa. For the first time in the history of ever, this is actually good news. Technically. If the trauma of the experience has made him a cat who pees everywhere I may change my mind.

I did still watch SPN though! Better late than never. )

I may have caved and watched the 'Soon' and I HAVE THOUGHTS. However I will make a separate post about it, so please don't mention it here.
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I am LATE to the party because I worked 12 hour days on Saturday and Sunday and have been recovering ever since. But quick 6.01 reaction! )
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more 5.22 )

Soooo.... what is the evidence for this potential extra long hiatus I hear bandied about?
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So this is really late, but I did watch the last two episodes and one day I will be narcissistically interested in my pre finale thoughts so here are my extremely undeep/unmeta-y and even more rambling than usual ramblings that I mostly wrote and never posted last week and this week. Feel free to skip!

5.20 )

5.21 )
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If you are new on my flist, be prepared, I can ramble at great length. This may have got a touch meta-y.

5.19 )
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100 *streamers* )

That was longer than I thought it would be. This post was brought to you by my flatmate's never ending shower!


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