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[ profile] laulan tagged me to do this. Her wish is my command!

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

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Fandom meet up was GREAT. I got to put faces to some names I'd read and learn a few totally new ones, as well as freak out some members of the general public. Discussing fandom in real life with actual people is still a huge amazing novelty I really enjoyed! Yay generally!!! And if the person who bought me the lovely scarves and pretty and useful bag is reading this, thanks a lot to them too! I love purple and I love warmth! Excellent choices.

I am also excited about the news of covert S6 lunch deals. I always thought I'd want the show to end in season 5 since that's what Kripke's plan was and I loved that he actually had a plan. I also have a superstitious fear of sixth seasons (BtVS, I blame you) and a justified fear of flogging a dead horse (for which I blame almost every TV show I've ever loved that didn't get prematurely cancelled.... there's no pleasing me, yes I know). But Kripke probably threw his plan away last season, so there's not much point looking to that for guidance, and I heard he would want a sixth season to be intimate and back to basics, which is my very favourite thing, so I am... happy and hopeful. Or rather, really really excited and trying to tamp it down to more tentative happiness and hopefulness because Kripke likes to dash my hopes and break my heart.

Mostly I just cannot face the thought that in twelve episodes and one DVD boxset's time there might be no more new Sam and Dean footage ever. EVER. Maybe I'll look back one day, when S6 has done so much retconning I can't even enjoy S2 anymore, and long for the last vestiges of my younger self's happy, ignorant naiveté, but right now I am squeeful. Maybe Sam and Dean will get a year of relative happiness/bog standard hunting misery between sorting out Lucifer and dying their inevitable bloody depressing deaths! MAYBE.

Edit: And okay, maybe it would suck for Jared and Jensen to have to stay in Vancouver longer than they want to, but I've thought about it and decided that since they are successful in their dream career and also engaged to hot women, I can live it. Jared, Jensen, I love you, but I also love Sam and Dean. Sorry.
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I went to see Harry Potter a couple of days ago at a ridiculously early hour (well, 10.00am, I didn't know cinemas even opened that early) because my friend and I both had to go to work in the afternoon and evening when normal people go... and I really enjoyed it! Even though we missed the first something minutes for no good reason. You see, there was a performance at 9.45 and a performance at 10.15 and we arrived at 10.00 and asked for tickets to Harry Potter... and didn't realise until we walked into our screen that we were sold tickets for the 9.45. Which for some reason did not have the standard 20-30 minutes of ads and previews but was already at Slughorn's. And now I wish we'd gone and asked for new tickets, but at the time we just scrambled into seats. Damn it. I suppose the cashier did let me use my money off voucher, even though it was two days expired, so maybe I just lost my 70p worth of movie. Ah well. I shall see it again at some point, and there's probably a cam copy online I can peek at. Cut for rambling and film/book spoilers. )

I've even been catching up some HP fics that were WIPs when I drifted away from fandom, or checking to see if my old favourite authors have done new stuff, and enjoying it in a hiatusy way. Overall I think the fic in SPN fandom is better (or maybe it's more that the average quality is higher since the audience is smaller and older and that the general tone is more adult, grounded in a grittier version of reality than the quirky Victorian fantasy of HP? And I now spend more time on lj and less time on specific fic sites?), but I do miss the endless possibilities of magic as a plot device and the comforting familiarity of the wizarding world and British spelling/locations/vocabulary. And the huge variety of pairings. And girls. And so many stories involving my favourite character as the main focus without me ending up feeling guilty for marginalizing my second favourite character. I even sort of miss the formulaic school structure. SPN has its own formulas of course, but they're slightly less entrenched. I might have to reread DH too. I realised the other day that a scene I could have sworn happened was from a fanfic that I read more times than the book. Oh dear.

Also, Leverage = AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. It's one of those shows where watching it alone is actually frustrating because I feel the constant need to nudge someone else so we can wink at each other and acknowledge the awesomeness and how we both get it (making us maybe 1% as awesome as the writers and actors, but that's still 1% we didn't have before).

Harper's Island. I did not see that coming. Tell me you did and I may call you a liar.
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The fact that my Internet is broken in the middle of Big Bang season is very stressful! As is my flist being on ?skip=past 300 and counting. Of course I have been so busy the past few days that the only time I could spare to find wifi is past midnight at the twenty four hour university computer lab so it probably didn't make a huge difference to my reading. Anyway, I am making a half hour pit stop to save everything remotely interesting looking to my computer, download the last episode of SYTYCD and completely fail to answer my build up of e-mails and then I am going home to wish I was in bed while I do laundry.
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Holy crap Burger King WiFi sucks. The whole reason I bought this milkshake (not that it isn't a pleasant consolation prize) was to use their Internet, but everything is blocked as inappropriate! And okay, fair enough that gay incest porn is maybe a little dodgy, but only a small proportion of my flist will directly pertain to that. And all of YouTube and any Google search results (including those for "Burger King") is excessive.

I am enjoying the loud 90's pop though. Between that and the fact I haven't been to a Burger King in a decade or so I'm feeling very teenage nostalgic.
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I'm always amused at myself when celebrities do a whole spate of talk show promotion stuff at once, because when you're a obsessive fan who watches them all you start to see all the patterns and little things they repeat. Sometimes it's whole anecdotes, sometimes it's smaller stuff. Jared is very fond of his Jason-in-costume first meeting of Derek and Jensen, in his adorable nervousness, had clearly prepared a few recent holiday anecdotes for his run of talk shows (since he and Jared have both done the bee story to death... I don't know if I miss it, but I do look back at it with great fondness). And of course there are some questions that always get asked (Were you a fan of the original Friday the 13th movies?) and only so many ways to answer, so you get a lot of repetition that way. But I like the more subtle stuff, like Jared taking his spontaneous (or seemingly at least, you can never be sure) joke in response to the Good Morning Arizona interviewer's question and then working it into his KTLA interview because he liked it. Or the joke one of the newscasters on Sacramento CW made about Jason and the muppets that Jared laughed at and totally stole at the premier. It makes me feel this combination of embarrassed at my clearly atypical level of Internet stalking and um... oddly accomplished at my clearly atypical level of Internet stalking. You cannot hide from fandom Jared and Jensen! We know all your secrets BWAH HA HA HA.


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