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Tonight I just about died over how amazing You're a Real Fucking Page-turner by [ profile] standing_fic is. Then I read it again. READ IT.
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First, a rec! A cute, funny, hot college!AU where Jensen moons over Jared in an adorkable way. I realised I had not read a fluffy J2 AU in MONTHS as I read this. It was great way to break the fast!

A Second Chance To Make A First Impression by __tiana__.

Second... has anybody else noticed that the UK press has started slashing David Cameron and Nick Clegg? The BBC made an honest to god FANVID of them. And not a very good one. The headlines are MADNESS. The Independent. The INDEPENDENT. A fangirl lives in all of us, even hardened political journalists. Apparently.

I am also feeling oddly hopeful about government! Er, I was before I noticed all the slash too. Since I have thought for about a decade that the Tories will get in any moment and only thought for about a day that the Lib Dems might have a snowball's chance of getting to be opposition, this is actually amazingly better than I thought it would be.

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So I have done extensive research of one, but this is totally my favourite post 5.11 fic.

Let us forgive and never forget by [ profile] __tiana__.


Also I just got spoiled by Winchester Radio. So close! They did warn me, but I was at the sticky stage of kneading dough and I didn't get the earphones out in time. Curses. I need to find some more podfic to listen to because these podcasts are dangerous.
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I didn't realise how much TV I was watching this year until it ALL WENT AWAY. Before I had a proper lj and flist and everything I used to forget to catch up on stuff and then remember in dribs and drabs and download half a season at a time of this or that all through hiatuses so I barely noticed they existed (except for shows I read fic of and so had to watch regularly). But I've been watching pretty much everything I watch week by week to avoid getting too spoiled and now it's all gone. D:

This is probably why I spent half of today watching last season of So You Think You Can Dance, which I had never seen a minute of before in my life, but which I passionately cared about all evening. I was only surprised to see that that's where Cat Deeley ended up, and then it was dark outside and I'd blown off dinner for reality TV. Um.

Anyway, then I was marginally more productive and read fic (what? All reading is good for the soul. Even porn! And this wasn't porn! It contained porn, but that's different) which totally made my day. We’re still more in love than you think we are by [ profile] forallthewords which I hope everyone is going to read. Childhood best friends who fall in love never ceases to make me happy, and god I love how many brilliantly written examples of it there are in J2 fandom. There's My Heart Don't Beat the Way it Used To and We must reinvent love (those two and today's are my very favourites, I'm still giddy from my discovery earlier this week that the latter evolved into an entire verse when I wasn't looking and has a Big Bang sequel coming up) and Stupidly In Love and Caught in a Spin and The Decisions we make... and probably a few I forgot or haven't read. I should make a proper list and search of my bookmarks. If anyone else can think of any, tell me!

Finally, you all win, yes Glee does look very promising. Whatever. I was in a good mood anyway.

Edit: Harper's Island spoilers in the comments! Random, I know.
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I had a great birthday! The good mood is still lingering. I remember there was homemade ginger ice cream (SO gingery) with chunks of sponge cake and golden syrup swirls in it and a lot of deceptively strong vodka jelly. Instruments often come out at some point in gatherings of my friends (I don't know how I met these people... I can't play anything!) and yesterday someone produced a banjo from what was thought to be a guitar case and someone else had a violin and then it all gets a little fuzzy. Except that at about three in the morning I decided to bake cheesecake brownies to wrap things up. Mmmm. And then today, since I love baking and there wasn't any cake yesterday (except crumbled in ice cream) me and a friend made Nigella Lawson's Guinness cake. It's actually still cooling, but it smells divine and the batter was YUMMY and it's described by Nigella as "damp blackness" which just sounds sinfully good. I love the damp kind of chocolate cake. And it's so pretty. Click the link!

Dollhouse! Still with the surprises. Okay, okay, spoiler cut )

• I don't think it counts as a spoiler since it's been established since the pilot, but the point of Harper's Island continues to be not the body count, but Katie Cassidy naked. It is more fun than murder.

• I cut the trailer from the end of SPN 4.20 and deleted the original from my hard drive because the temptation was too much. And then I watched a different (shorter and vaguer, I think) promo on youtube. Ooops. But it recommended it to me! It would have been rude to refuse. So... has anyone seen the Space promo? If so, TALK TO ME. *unbearable anticipation*

I know they're technically AUs of the Disney movies, but there have been J2 versions of almost all my biggest childhood books. The Swiss Family Robinson and Heidi and 101 Dalmations (which due to a baggage mix up was the only book I had on holiday on a tiny greek island once when I was younger. I alternated reading that or the Starlight Barking every single day for a month) (also, this is set in LONDON). It's the best thing ever! You think after a couple of decades you've probably reached a plateau in your love for something, but then someone writes the J2 version and it's all shiny again.

Now if someone writes the J2 version of What Katy Did I can die happy. I'm not entirely sure how it would work. For one thing, most of the characters are related. What Katy Did Next would be better since it has an actual romantic plotline. Or I guess maybe What Katy Did At School because boarding school is rife with sexual tension when you're not in a 19th century children's book. I can see it! Less "School of Pain" and women learning to be demure and patient and more kissing, fixing most of my issues with the books as an adult! I think Jared would be Katy. Because he's got long limbs and wild hair. And I really enjoyed him under the influence of a sunny tempered, good hearted, unselfconsciously virtuous teenage girl in the Heidi AU. Katy's goodness only starts out self conscious. Plus, Jensen has already proven he looks good in a military type uniform if you go for him as Ned.

You know what? I just want a whole Children's Classics J2 book!AU challenge.

EDIT: Some 4.21 Space promo spoilers in comments!
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Ugh. I am so glad that Supernatural is on tonight/tommorrow morning because I really need something to distract me from how frustrating real life is at the moment. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE AND THE WORLD?

But just before the next episode comes on to debunk whatever fanfictional healing can be found after last week, I really loved Ichor by RedLotusOasis. It may not be on lj, but it's definitely my favourite episode tag so far. It's a very soothing combination of exactly where I thought Sam's head was at during the episode and a touch of probably wishful thinking, but nevertheless most enjoyable, comforting. Boys boys boys (or as Jared and Jensen would have us say, men men men). I wish I could fool myself into thinking the season finale was 43 minutes of you talking out your issues in a locked motel room. Then you could save all that Lucifer business for season five. Sadly, I suspect that is an impossible dream. I would watch that so hard though.

ALSO I am left with a lingering concern after last week. Wait. Crap. Are we still cutting for 4.19 spoilers? Best to be safe I guess... )
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So I wrote a little comment fic in the H/c meme the other day which is here. Memes are nice in that I actually finish stuff because it's meant to be short, but bad in that I don't have the usual few days to forget what I wrote and reread it for quality. It ended up with a surprisingly large dose of Castiel because I'm torn up with curiosity over Sam's alleged dark antichrist destiny. Dean just can't be expected to have any rational thoughts on it, whereas Castiel has an indirect link to God. Also allegedly in my opinion, but it's still something. I really really want Sam and Castiel to have a proper conversation in canon. Like Dean and Ruby's adversarial relationship was often more interesting in S3, Sam and Castiel's uncertain dynamic is so fascinating. I have played their scenes in OtHoaP more times than I want to admit.

I mention this longing not to pimp by own wee fic offering, but because I have a rec. I am far from giving up hope for a Sam/Castiel conversation/confrontation this season, but even if they have one I doubt it will be as satisfying as Prodigal Blues by [ profile] datenshiblue and [ profile] caelumi. For one thing, people just don't have conversations this long and involved on TV (probably because someone thinks we don't have the attention span... actually a fair assessment). This is brilliant meta in the form of brilliant fic with perfect characterisation and all these deep insights I hadn't thought of or hadn't managed to articulate quite so well. I am half blown away and half sad it didn't happen on screen, which is how truly awesome fic always makes me feel.
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My folder of RPF bookmarks continues to be bigger and grow faster than my folder of wincest bookmarks, and it is still a little odd. Sam and Dean are just kind of hard to read about nowadays. I love them as much as I ever did, I continue to read more SPN fic than I technically have time for and I know they were always a pair of angsty little angsters, but before their misery was balanced out by their intimacy and now everything is falling apart.

I can see the reasons why this season has gone the way it has, even if I don't like them. Sam and Dean have both had their individual lives and souls placed in jeopardy and putting the one sacrosanct thing left, the oft mentioned "third character" of their relationship, in serious peril was perhaps the ante left to up. At times this season I've thought that Sam had no plotline and lost a lot of faith in the show, but he has had a journey. It's just mostly happened off screen. I am far from convinced that keeping a sense of mystery around Sam's evolution was worth cutting fifty percent of the cast to a supporting role, but it does make me hope that it's not a permanent change. After 4.16 I really don't see what could be left to hold back about what Sam has been doing, so I have more hope than I've had in a while that he'll be a significant part of whatever finale we're building to. And if season 5 can be about Sam and Dean rebuilding their relationship, I'd be pretty happy with it. Of course, statistically speaking, the next season is going to be even angstier than this one and upon watching it I'll be forced to put season 4 into the "happy period" of the first three seasons, but seriously SERIOUSLY I cannot fathom how this show could get more depressing for a whole season unless the brothers separated permanently, and then the whole format just wouldn't work anymore. So you know, hope springs eternal.

But for today I soothed myself with nostalgia by reading some old stories I missed before. It's wrong that the year Sam and Dean spent ticking down to Dean's painful death is now relatively happy, but it is, so if anyone hasn't read Gravity Sings by [ profile] zooey_glass04 and [ profile] parenthetical I recommend it. It's a really good, plotty, established Wincest casefile, a sub genre I have a huge soft spot for. There are a lot of genius gen and first-time casefile fics knocking about and a huge amount of very hot established relationship porn, but when Sam and Dean are so uncertain on screen it is nice to read about them solid and together without question, kissing routinely like an old married couple as they go about their hunting business. And then having passionate, possessive sex when they get back to the motel, because they're not actually an old married couple. Imperfectly is also fabulous and nostalgic with lots of plot and an established relationship.
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So I turned off all my lights and got into bed, but by 2.30am I still couldn't sleep so I thought I'd just harmlessly check and see if SPN had been uploaded and it had, and it downloaded quickly, and I thought I'd watch it and be back alseep by 3.30 but then I was filled with reaction and now it's 4.30 bloody am and I am awake. Damn you will power!

4.16 )

God I can ramble.
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I have been ridiculously busy the past few days and generally too exhausted to even read fluffy romcom J2 fic in the evenings. So I now have a whole window of whenboymeetsboy fics hanging about taunting me. Soon my lovelies!

Instead of reading I dropped a few notches down in concentration and energy on the weekend and finally watched the last part of season four of House. It's been a while since it aired, but I'll cut for rambling as well as spoilers. )

I did read one really awesome gen fic yesterday before falling asleep. There are aspects of it that I would not be surprised to see happen in canon (I say that spoiler free). If S4 ended like this it would be EPIC and AMAZING and I would be VERY HAPPY. Maybe there's one thing from the very end that I don't entirely love, but mostly I want Kripke and co. to read Break on Through by [ profile] paperbkryter just in case they haven't realised how cool it would be.
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Ugh. Today sucks. For one thing, I seem intent on burning off my own hands recently. I go through most of my life perfectly capable of using an oven mitt and operating a hot stove, but the past week or so I have burned my hands three times on the oven. I have one shiny pink patch, one about to be shiny and pink scabby patch and now one long thin blister across the back of my hand that just looks bizarre. I'm starting to think it's a sign of a secret tumour that is forming in the very specific part of my brain that controls my proprioception when I bend down.

Worse, I finally got an e-mail back about some office type work I did for a while back in December saying the reason I still haven't been paid is that the 'hours worked' section on my form wasn't filled in. And apparently I've been e-mailed about it. Of course I never got any e-mails and I remember specifically going on my last day to tell the secretary how many hours I'd done while she wrote it down on a post-it to fill into my form later. I should never have trusted a post-it. I'm sure I'll get paid eventually but I'm still annoyed. I can't be annoyed at anyone because there's a new secretary who's only a temp. Plus, I'm incapable of berating strangers. But they're being all relaxed about it, "Oh it shouldn't take too long now. We've got all your bank details filled in and I'll get it in by tomorrow so I'm sure it will be soon" and completely failing to recognise that I am a starving student on a shoestring and it was actually a crucial part of my budget and not a lucky bonus. How long is "soon"? Can no one give me any exact dates? Ugh. It's very frustrating. I was a little tempted to fudge and give myself a few extra hours since they've apparently got brand new staff and are willing to take my word on it, but I resisted.

But don't they know that I was planning to go to the cinema at least twice next week? Except now I think I'll have to buy food instead. :( So Friday the 13th had better do well enough to stay in cinemas for a few weeks! Or till "soon" whenever "soon" may be.

To cheer me up, the hash brown casserole has turned out ridiculously delicious, in a very rich and creamy way. I'm writing the recipe down and never making it again. Or saving it for a large gathering of people at least. Still. Mmmm, creamy cheesy potato goodness. The memory of you will have to sustain me through an unspecified period of plain rice and baked beans.

Also cheering me up is Shake The Leaves Off The Trees which may be the exact fic which I have been longing (in that guilty way in which I want RPF that relates closely to real life events) for since Jared and Sandy broke up. It's kind of amazing.
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Today the constant mention of hash brown casserole (which I had never even heard of) in maxandkiz's weechester fic drove me to the supermarket to buy ingredients for later. Except this may turn out more like the tater tot casserole also mentioned since I've never seen loose hash brown potato in the UK and was forced to buy the hash brown that's already in shapes. I could have grated a potato or two yes, but um. I'm lazy today. And they only had grody looking potatoes anyway. I also learned that tater tots are not, as I assumed through years of Gilmore Girls watching, filled with mashed potato like those tater tot looking things we had at school. I'm kind of relieved, because mashed potato casserole sounded icky and I never could fathom Lorelai and Rory's constant consumption of them. Although this may be the unhealthiest savoury thing I've ever cooked, even with the peas I shoehorned in. Melted butter, cheese and sour cream? Well okay then. Hopefully it will turn out as well as that time I was forced by Dean's rhapsodising to make buttermilk pie, because that has seriously turned out to be one of the most delicious things ever ever ever. I'm telling you. Buttermilk Pie. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it will change your life.

Talking of crying, this, from [ profile] memphis86's Happy Endings meme is so exactly what I wanted to read after 4.14. Oh boys. I say it a lot, but it's never enough.

And now it's time for me to go to my friend's birthday party, which I'm dreading for no good reason except a random odd mood. Sigh. Hopefully cocktails (which are supposed to be the party's theme) will cheer me up without making me too hungover tomorrow!
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I totally meant to do some work on my essay today, but instead I spent all evening watching random Whose Line Is It Anyway clips on YouTube. And crying with laughter. I especially love this clip because for once Drew Carey has stumbled on some fangirls for audience participation instead of the usual confused old ladies who have possibly never watched the show. Can invisible babies be slightly gross?

And I saw My Bloody Valentine the other day, so spoilers lurking ) Truly horrifically terrifying was the The Unborn trailer. That I may be too chicken to see. Friday the 13th (sadly they only showed the teaser trailer, but there was about a second of big screen Jared!) looked sudden-shock scary, but The Unborn looked like it might twist your mind for life.

Finally, if anyone hasn't read it, J2 HIgh School AU fic My Heart Don't Beat the Way it Used To will make you smile for hours. Seriously. I'm still giddy.
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So I'm reccing something for the grand total of none that read my journal, but what the hell. No one to embarrass myself in front of. This is a WIP, which I normally try not to read let alone pass around because tension kills me, and it's one chapter and less than 4,000 words in so who knows how it's going to turn out but it's so promising everyone has to read it anyway.

First, this is genuinely creepy and imaginative. I'm not often freaked out by things I read... I don't want to give it away, but Sam is cursed by a thing he and Dean are killing in that way they so often are (except it's issued in a way that is slightly more disturbing than the usual chanting/exploding into dust, just a hint how awful the curse is) and it starts small but as soon as it does you just know that it is going to get really, really bad. And the ominous feeling is bang on because the progression is a hideous curve of horror. The ending of this chapter... oh my. It's surprisingly visceral and also repulsive, which makes me feel guilty because it's Sam but... I shuddered. I've rambled for a while now, so wrapping up- the writing is good, there's humour in the right doses, there's banter and clear voices and brotherly love (of the gen kind, just so you know) just flowing all over the place. And I may die if it isn't finished.

'Phthisis' by Starliteyes17. Go read! And review!


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