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I'm actually posting again! It's been a while, but first I had no Internet, and then my charger broke, and then I was just lazy. But very soon I will be compelled to ramble weekly about Sam and Dean, so It's time to get derusted. Last month I was actually kind of apathetic about hiatus being over and Supernatural coming back... but now we're really getting down to the wire and the CW released that awesome O Death promo I am PSYCHED once more. Very effective marketing for once CW!

Of course being psyched makes waiting worse, so I've been attempting to distract myself with True Blood. I tried a while ago to watch the first episode and wasn't really sucked in, but I think that had more to do with the constant crashing of the streaming website I was trying to watch it on. But it's actually pretty good! It makes me wonder what Supernatural would be like if it was on cable.... But anyway, I am up to S1 episode 11 and the absolute hilarity of the real burden of Bill's sentence being not the tragic guilt of murdering a beautiful innocent young girl, but of being saddled with the UNDEAD'S MOST ANNOYING TEENAGER. Seriously, his face when she says he's the worst maker ever. Hee. I don't really love any of the characters or relationships that much though. They're all too fucked up and realistic! Someone will be awesome one episode (Lafayette putting those AIDS burger bigots in their place and Jason high fiving him), and I start to warm up to them, but they never keep it up long enough for me to love them while accepting their faults (Um, all the drug dealing and every other interaction Jason has). So I appreciate it, but I don't love it.

I saw the Time Traveller's Wife, and like all film adaptations it wasn't perfect. Claire's hair was the wrong colour and they changed and simplified and cut things and the falling pile of clothes thing was inappropriately amusing... but I may have cried almost the whole way through. Which I think that means I really really enjoyed it. I also had to hurry and get the audiobook right after and so now I am tearing up in many inappropriate public locations, such as Sainsbury's this afternoon when Henry met Alba for the first time.

Finally, I am moving soon! To Oxford not London, because the only place in London I can afford to live is with my dad, and I do not know how I got to adulthood in that tiny one bedroom flat with someone as hectic as my father. I love him to death, but I need more space. And cleaner kitchen surfaces. Oxford is commuting distance and I will be living with my best friend since I was eleven, so I fully expect funtimes to commence shortly! \0/

I lied about finally. Here's a random tv show meme I found somewhere or other yonks ago and never posted. )
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Okay, finally, FINALLY I am moved in to my new flat. Well, not all moved in since I still have to bring over half my stuff from my old flatmate's massive storage cupboard, but I have a room with my stuff in it and a bed that's a double bed (luxury! *sprawls*) and keys to the flat door and the front door and an Internet connection and there are no slugs in the shower, or mouse droppings in the kitchen and if there are spiders I'm not remotely bothered. And the ceilings are high, and I have a view of the street and the kitchen is so cute and perfectly formed for all it is on the tiny side and my new flatmate has not yet revealed any insanity. Yay!

The only bad thing about this flat is that the Internet it is currently hooked up to has a quite small download limit. So I am limited to downloading one program only, and of course it is SPN, but... I am going to miss HIMYM, NCIS, Criminal Minds and Bones. And now I have to actually try and watch stuff when it's on the actual TV. I am working on getting hooked up via a different contract. On the bright side there will be a huge build up of program next time I can watch!

Yay again!
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I had just learned all those html codes for formatting stuff on lj, and now suddenly lj's rich text supports Safari. I may or may not continue to soldier on with the old style. I can be pointless like that. 

I have done none of the things I was meant to do today. I did make a really, really delicious pot of stew. It took hours and hours (holy crap keyboard shortcuts for formatting work!) so I think it counts as an achievement. It's so delicious that it even makes up for how guilty I feel chopping meat up in the kitchen when all my flatmates are either vegetarian or vegan. And I want the weather to be cold for a day or two now so I can continue to eat it (I made a really huge pot and for once no one else is going to eat my food when I'm not paying attention) all warm and rich in little bowls with bread and a spoon. Mmmmm. 

Okay. I'm done with food now. And one day maybe I shall have the willpower to return to vegetarianism. Maybe. 


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