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If anyone has been dying to know following this post, I went for the brown ones. A combination of comments and the pink tone the purple ones had to them in the shop swayed me, and my feet and I are very happy indeed. I tramped gleefully through the snow on the towpath to work this morning and my toes were toasty warm! There is a little bit above the heel that rubs slightly and needs to be broken in, but for Doc Martens they are amazingly comfortable first go round. Wooo boots! \0/ (I may be thinking of saving up for purple and getting them after Christmas)

This overheard thing is incredibly cute. :D

I just had a dinner of pancetta and pea risotto made with bulgar wheat instead of risotto rice and OMG, it was SO delicious. I thoroughly recommend bulgar wheat as an alternative to rice. It came out surprisingly creamy and it picks up flavour amazingly, as well as being yummy in its own right.
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So this week was meant to be when I got my laptop back, but I phoned the Apple store yesterday and they said that the parts hadn't even ARRIVED yet. D: They don't know why, and they agree it is taking a surprisingly long time, but can only wait. Oh, and it may take another two to four (four!) weeks after they receive the parts to fit them. This is all taking us dangerously close to me MISSING THE SUPERNATURAL PREMIERE.

Ugh. This is like when I was in Libya, possibly the one place in the world that doesn't sell Harry Potter books, when Deathly Hallows was released.


In other news, the new job is still going well! And I finally caved and got a bus pass, which makes me disproportionately happy. Travel freedom! It has been so long. I may use it mainly to travel to Internet cafes. I have also become slightly obsessed with cooking things in a Thermos with boiling water. You're limited to grains and quick cooking dried things like lentils, but it's surprisingly yummy and you have 8 hours to decide when you want to eat it. This stops me from doing that thing where I put off making dinner all evening and end up eating dry toast at 11.00.
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Several things are good this weekend! Even apart from it being the weekend. And it being a bank holiday weekend. And those are already reason to celebrate! Anyway:

First and maybe foremost, Eurovision is on tomorrow! I was standing in a queue in Sainsbury's when I realised May was almost over and I hadn't seen Eurovision. I despaired at missing it, but it turns out to be tomorrow. *\0/* I am so excited! I will also get to watch it with my best friend in person for the first time instead of watching while on the phone as we usually do. I am excited for the indulgent lunacy of the Ukraine, the serious lunacy of the Germans and whatever weird S&M fantasy Greece have come up with this year. Yay!!!

My birthday ice cream machine finally arrived! W00t! In celebration I was going to make a range of Eurovision themed ice creams, but instead I am going to make rum and vanilla ice cream (using homemade rum vanilla essence) and red mulled wine sorbet. In fact the custard for the former is already chilling in the fridge.

I have just washed all my bedding and my bed is SO COMFY tonight.

In the morning I don't have to get up till I feel like it, instead of at 6.30 after going to bed after midnight as had happened every night this week. And next week my boss will have left the country on the big trip I have been preparing for, so it will go back to a normal pace!

Yay blessings!

P.S Has anyone read/is anyone planing to read Sera Gamble's erotic short story? I am veeeery curious. Will she have a tall, broad shouldered hero with cat eyes and a sharp jawline? I want to know what it is like but I spent all my luxury budget on ice cream ingredients...


Oct. 30th, 2009 03:35 am
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So this is only a teeny episode reaction but tomorrow I am baking a ridiculously elaborate cake, carving a shitload of pumpkins, test-running cocktails and generally preparing for the most epic Halloween party to ever party so I NEED SLEEP. THE CAKE HAS SIX LAYERS. I HAVE ONE CAKE TIN.

30 words on 5.07 )

Maybe more later. By which I mean after my inevitable hangover has eased.
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I had a great birthday! The good mood is still lingering. I remember there was homemade ginger ice cream (SO gingery) with chunks of sponge cake and golden syrup swirls in it and a lot of deceptively strong vodka jelly. Instruments often come out at some point in gatherings of my friends (I don't know how I met these people... I can't play anything!) and yesterday someone produced a banjo from what was thought to be a guitar case and someone else had a violin and then it all gets a little fuzzy. Except that at about three in the morning I decided to bake cheesecake brownies to wrap things up. Mmmm. And then today, since I love baking and there wasn't any cake yesterday (except crumbled in ice cream) me and a friend made Nigella Lawson's Guinness cake. It's actually still cooling, but it smells divine and the batter was YUMMY and it's described by Nigella as "damp blackness" which just sounds sinfully good. I love the damp kind of chocolate cake. And it's so pretty. Click the link!

Dollhouse! Still with the surprises. Okay, okay, spoiler cut )

• I don't think it counts as a spoiler since it's been established since the pilot, but the point of Harper's Island continues to be not the body count, but Katie Cassidy naked. It is more fun than murder.

• I cut the trailer from the end of SPN 4.20 and deleted the original from my hard drive because the temptation was too much. And then I watched a different (shorter and vaguer, I think) promo on youtube. Ooops. But it recommended it to me! It would have been rude to refuse. So... has anyone seen the Space promo? If so, TALK TO ME. *unbearable anticipation*

I know they're technically AUs of the Disney movies, but there have been J2 versions of almost all my biggest childhood books. The Swiss Family Robinson and Heidi and 101 Dalmations (which due to a baggage mix up was the only book I had on holiday on a tiny greek island once when I was younger. I alternated reading that or the Starlight Barking every single day for a month) (also, this is set in LONDON). It's the best thing ever! You think after a couple of decades you've probably reached a plateau in your love for something, but then someone writes the J2 version and it's all shiny again.

Now if someone writes the J2 version of What Katy Did I can die happy. I'm not entirely sure how it would work. For one thing, most of the characters are related. What Katy Did Next would be better since it has an actual romantic plotline. Or I guess maybe What Katy Did At School because boarding school is rife with sexual tension when you're not in a 19th century children's book. I can see it! Less "School of Pain" and women learning to be demure and patient and more kissing, fixing most of my issues with the books as an adult! I think Jared would be Katy. Because he's got long limbs and wild hair. And I really enjoyed him under the influence of a sunny tempered, good hearted, unselfconsciously virtuous teenage girl in the Heidi AU. Katy's goodness only starts out self conscious. Plus, Jensen has already proven he looks good in a military type uniform if you go for him as Ned.

You know what? I just want a whole Children's Classics J2 book!AU challenge.

EDIT: Some 4.21 Space promo spoilers in comments!
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Oh my god. I FINALLY got paid for a job I had in December a whole month before I was told I might be! My sudden feeling of wealth is only an illusion, but fuck it. I am going to go and buy FRESH FRUIT and MEAT and maybe NOT GET SCURVY.

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Damn it. It's my own fault for wandering into the dangerous waters of BuddyTV, but I had ten minutes to kill before my dinner was ready and I was looking for some random mindless Internet quiz when I ended up on their main page and accidentally read a revealing article title.

And now I have to say something. Spoilers for Supernatural 4.19. )

After that, I discovered my dinner was slightly burnt.
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Ugh. Today sucks. For one thing, I seem intent on burning off my own hands recently. I go through most of my life perfectly capable of using an oven mitt and operating a hot stove, but the past week or so I have burned my hands three times on the oven. I have one shiny pink patch, one about to be shiny and pink scabby patch and now one long thin blister across the back of my hand that just looks bizarre. I'm starting to think it's a sign of a secret tumour that is forming in the very specific part of my brain that controls my proprioception when I bend down.

Worse, I finally got an e-mail back about some office type work I did for a while back in December saying the reason I still haven't been paid is that the 'hours worked' section on my form wasn't filled in. And apparently I've been e-mailed about it. Of course I never got any e-mails and I remember specifically going on my last day to tell the secretary how many hours I'd done while she wrote it down on a post-it to fill into my form later. I should never have trusted a post-it. I'm sure I'll get paid eventually but I'm still annoyed. I can't be annoyed at anyone because there's a new secretary who's only a temp. Plus, I'm incapable of berating strangers. But they're being all relaxed about it, "Oh it shouldn't take too long now. We've got all your bank details filled in and I'll get it in by tomorrow so I'm sure it will be soon" and completely failing to recognise that I am a starving student on a shoestring and it was actually a crucial part of my budget and not a lucky bonus. How long is "soon"? Can no one give me any exact dates? Ugh. It's very frustrating. I was a little tempted to fudge and give myself a few extra hours since they've apparently got brand new staff and are willing to take my word on it, but I resisted.

But don't they know that I was planning to go to the cinema at least twice next week? Except now I think I'll have to buy food instead. :( So Friday the 13th had better do well enough to stay in cinemas for a few weeks! Or till "soon" whenever "soon" may be.

To cheer me up, the hash brown casserole has turned out ridiculously delicious, in a very rich and creamy way. I'm writing the recipe down and never making it again. Or saving it for a large gathering of people at least. Still. Mmmm, creamy cheesy potato goodness. The memory of you will have to sustain me through an unspecified period of plain rice and baked beans.

Also cheering me up is Shake The Leaves Off The Trees which may be the exact fic which I have been longing (in that guilty way in which I want RPF that relates closely to real life events) for since Jared and Sandy broke up. It's kind of amazing.
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Today the constant mention of hash brown casserole (which I had never even heard of) in maxandkiz's weechester fic drove me to the supermarket to buy ingredients for later. Except this may turn out more like the tater tot casserole also mentioned since I've never seen loose hash brown potato in the UK and was forced to buy the hash brown that's already in shapes. I could have grated a potato or two yes, but um. I'm lazy today. And they only had grody looking potatoes anyway. I also learned that tater tots are not, as I assumed through years of Gilmore Girls watching, filled with mashed potato like those tater tot looking things we had at school. I'm kind of relieved, because mashed potato casserole sounded icky and I never could fathom Lorelai and Rory's constant consumption of them. Although this may be the unhealthiest savoury thing I've ever cooked, even with the peas I shoehorned in. Melted butter, cheese and sour cream? Well okay then. Hopefully it will turn out as well as that time I was forced by Dean's rhapsodising to make buttermilk pie, because that has seriously turned out to be one of the most delicious things ever ever ever. I'm telling you. Buttermilk Pie. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it will change your life.

Talking of crying, this, from [ profile] memphis86's Happy Endings meme is so exactly what I wanted to read after 4.14. Oh boys. I say it a lot, but it's never enough.

And now it's time for me to go to my friend's birthday party, which I'm dreading for no good reason except a random odd mood. Sigh. Hopefully cocktails (which are supposed to be the party's theme) will cheer me up without making me too hungover tomorrow!
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I think I am always whining about having too much fic to read nowadays, but so much has built up! I have read virtually no fic this week because I have discovered the magic of iMovie 6. SO much better than iMovie 8. I can see how iMovie 8 would be great if you were editing your holiday footage, but it was unworkable for fanvids because there was just no way to look at the music on a proper timeline that I could find. Anyway, I am absorbed making a crappy nonsensical (it's so far kind of like free association with the lyrics with no attempt at a coherent mood or message or POV) SPN vid and, maybe enjoying it is the wrong phrase, but looking up to see that it is suddenly ten o'clock and feeling shell shocked at any rate.

I did manage to make bread and butter pudding, and like a teenager left alone for the weekend for the first time eat nothing but dessert for dinner. But who cares! It's cold outside, but my bread and butter pudding is hot and creamy and crispy golden on top and it has chocolate chips instead of raisins. Screw you traditional recipe! Mmmmm.

T minus roughly three and half hours. \0/
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I had just learned all those html codes for formatting stuff on lj, and now suddenly lj's rich text supports Safari. I may or may not continue to soldier on with the old style. I can be pointless like that. 

I have done none of the things I was meant to do today. I did make a really, really delicious pot of stew. It took hours and hours (holy crap keyboard shortcuts for formatting work!) so I think it counts as an achievement. It's so delicious that it even makes up for how guilty I feel chopping meat up in the kitchen when all my flatmates are either vegetarian or vegan. And I want the weather to be cold for a day or two now so I can continue to eat it (I made a really huge pot and for once no one else is going to eat my food when I'm not paying attention) all warm and rich in little bowls with bread and a spoon. Mmmmm. 

Okay. I'm done with food now. And one day maybe I shall have the willpower to return to vegetarianism. Maybe. 

Meat Bakery

Apr. 1st, 2008 05:09 am
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So it's 4.40 am and I just ate a lot of meat. This is not soothing me to sleep. If you're following this journal (snort) you will see that yesterday I attempted meatloaf and was hampered by having no clue what meatloaf is actually meant to be like. After consideration me and my flatmate came to the conclusion that Delia's recipe was low on bread, producing something more like a large meatball or sausage than a "loaf". I know you're not going to get bread out of meat no matter what you do, but I also know that you are meant to be able to slice meatloaf, and yesterday's meatloaf was too wet and burgery for real slicing. Sadly I am too poor after purchasing the world's most gorgeous computer and paying the extortionate gas bill we just received to be buying meat everyday and only had enough meat left for one batch. However I also wanted to experiment with meatloaf in order to come up with my personal recipe. Hence the meat muffin was born.

All About Meat Muffins in Tedious Detail )

Also, meatloaf analysis. I love people and the things they bother to do.


Mar. 31st, 2008 01:33 am
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Tesco's 2 for £4 deal on Lean Steak Mince means I keep buying mince and I am sick of bolognese, chili, hamburgers and dirty rice, the four mince dishes I make normally. So I tried making meatloaf. Americans on television (okay, Homer Simpson) seem to enjoy it.

It came out tasting like a very nice, very seasoned, very big oblong burger. My flatmates approved and we all ate heartily. But is that what meatloaf is meant to be like? I don't know and no one there had ever had it before. I went for Delia's recipe because I just can't use bottled sauces like ketchup as ingredients (personal squick, much as I love ketchup slathered on food rather in it) and most recipes I saw in my brief Internet foray seemed to have ketchup/barbecue sauce in them, but I do love mustard powder and worcester sauce as ingredients, and Delia approves of that.

It wasn't what I expected though. It shrunk a lot during cooking and there was a lot of liquid that I just drained off. This makes sense when I think about it, but wasn't what I expected as I was quite focused on the "loaf" aspect and not the "meat" aspect. It was quite pale as well. I expected it to be darker, but again, if I think about it, what was in it to make it darker?

I think next time I won't cook it bain-marie, because it was wet enough as it was. And I might put more breadcrumbs in. And maybe some hardboiled egg, more pepper, less salt (I overdid it a bit)... I could cook the onions before hand? Because cold I don't like what they do to the texture. We'll see.

Yay! New recipe experimentation is always fun! I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow now. I could stay home and make three kinds of meatloaf. Maybe four. But I have to go earn the money to buy all this meat...


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