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Criminal Minds was pretty good this week. I am such a sucker for Catholicism plots. It's an automatic sense of mystery and power with the weight of so much history and ritual behind it and imagery honed by centuries of awing peasants. It always draws me in. I blame all those Catholic schools I went to. Despite never believing in it, I've clearly been culturally brainwashed. There's also Emily Prentiss, whose face I am somewhat enamoured of.

Not as enamoured as I am of all of Jared in those stupidly hot pictures though. The threadbare grey t-shirt that is practically sheer is taunting me, I swear. You can see his skin through it, and yet you can't. And the hoodie. And the crouching. Um. All of it. It's crossposted everywhere, so I won't, but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it.

All day I have been oddly preoccupied with my mostly dull dream from last night. It just won't fade away as dream usually do, and for no good reason. Other people's dreams are never that interesting, but I seem to be talking about it anyway. Ooops. It was a ridiculously stressful dream that I was an Olympic swimmer. But it was really all about leg shaving anxiety. I kept trying to find time to go and shave my legs in order to reduce my drag in the water, but people kept talking to me all the time and I was too polite and embarrassed to say FUCK OFF, I HAVE TO GO AND SHAVE MY LEGS NOW and then it was the day of the race and these men with guns and balaclavas burst in and I woke up in a ridiculous state of panic that would usually follow falling off something or getting eaten by a lion, but the panic wasn't about the guns, it was about how there would never be enough time for me to get to a bathroom with a razor now I was a hostage. I really do not know what my brain is on about some nights. Perhaps it's the approaching end of winter and tights season or maybe it's that every time I shave my legs my soul dies a little from the boredom of it while so many years of life and hair growth still loom before me. Life is hard, okay, and I'm washing my hair tonight.

I do seem to recall something good was happening tonight. What was that again?
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Dollhouse )

You know what's definitely awesome? Season 2 of Dexter. How is it so good? It's a bit ridiculous. Awesome Sunday evening. And only two episodes to go! Holy cliffhanger! I kind of don't want to finish because there's only one more season before I have to start waiting for new episodes. I hate waiting for new episodes. Especially when I'm not really interested in fanfiction to soothe the gap. Sigh. Life is so hard.

I am also very happy about my hair today. I haven't cut in more than a year mostly because I can never be bothered to get around to stuff like that, but also because I have trouble choosing a hairdresser. It sounds stupid, but I swear, I have never in my life seen as many hairdressers in any city as there are in Edinburgh. There's three on every street and no one ever has any recommendations and how are you meant to pick one? What is the correct balance between reasonably priced and reasonably skilled? But my hair has finally grown out its shapeless I-really-need-a-haircut phase and into looking like its long on purpose, so it may be longer than I ideally like it, but I'm happy to leave it for now, and toss it about happily and dramatically when no one is looking because it has gotten to the awesomely curly ringlet stage of its life.
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Despite the fact I have felt like I was doing things all day I have somehow managed to achieve next to nothing. Well, I cleared out my message settings on LJ, but I don't think that had any functional purpose, they were just so messy. When I first started using LJ I didn't realise that you would automatically be notified if someone replied to a comment, so I tracked every comment I made, hence the mess.

I just saw that my post to spnstoryfinders had been accepted by it appearing on someone else's flist as I read it. Oddly disconcerting. And now I'm worried I screwed up my message settings because no one told me yet and there's normally a notification.

I also discovered a white hair. One long, white, fragile looking hair atached to my scalp. It's not the first one I've found, but I was kind of hoping the one I found over the summer was a freak accident where someone else's hair fell on my head and then got tangled in a way that made it feel like it was attached to my head. I'm only 22! My mum went white in her early twenties, but my dad is still only streaky with a little grey and I thought I was safe because while my mum's hair is thick, straight, luxuriously frizzless and black I have my dad's temperamental, flyaway, curly-on-a-good-day brown hair. How is it fair that I have the worst of both worlds? I realise it's going to be a slow degeneration that probably won't be noticeable for years but still... *pouts*

However to console myself I bought nice shampoo and conditioner. You don't know how awful your hair can look until you have used the cheapest own brand shampoo and conditioner you can find for 6 months or so, triggering a slide into dull frizzy formlessness that is slow enough that you don't realise it's happening and forget your hair used to look better. And then you fail to buy more and are forced to sneakily use your flatmate's Fructis shampoo and in only one wash you're confronted with the shocking proof that some shampoos actually are better than others. It's not all advertising hype! I'm still skeptical about the worth of the truly extortionate designer ones, but I am so shelling out an extra pound or so for brand name from now on, student budget be damned. Of course, if I hadn't started admiring my hair I could have lived in blissful ignorance of my impending old age a while longer, but there's no going back now. And apparently my new shampoo is going to smell of cinnamon. Mmmm.

I can't believe I have written a whole post about my hair and boring lj minutiae. Apparently today I am dull and somewhat vain. But it's written now, so it's going up anyway!


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