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I went to see Harry Potter a couple of days ago at a ridiculously early hour (well, 10.00am, I didn't know cinemas even opened that early) because my friend and I both had to go to work in the afternoon and evening when normal people go... and I really enjoyed it! Even though we missed the first something minutes for no good reason. You see, there was a performance at 9.45 and a performance at 10.15 and we arrived at 10.00 and asked for tickets to Harry Potter... and didn't realise until we walked into our screen that we were sold tickets for the 9.45. Which for some reason did not have the standard 20-30 minutes of ads and previews but was already at Slughorn's. And now I wish we'd gone and asked for new tickets, but at the time we just scrambled into seats. Damn it. I suppose the cashier did let me use my money off voucher, even though it was two days expired, so maybe I just lost my 70p worth of movie. Ah well. I shall see it again at some point, and there's probably a cam copy online I can peek at. Cut for rambling and film/book spoilers. )

I've even been catching up some HP fics that were WIPs when I drifted away from fandom, or checking to see if my old favourite authors have done new stuff, and enjoying it in a hiatusy way. Overall I think the fic in SPN fandom is better (or maybe it's more that the average quality is higher since the audience is smaller and older and that the general tone is more adult, grounded in a grittier version of reality than the quirky Victorian fantasy of HP? And I now spend more time on lj and less time on specific fic sites?), but I do miss the endless possibilities of magic as a plot device and the comforting familiarity of the wizarding world and British spelling/locations/vocabulary. And the huge variety of pairings. And girls. And so many stories involving my favourite character as the main focus without me ending up feeling guilty for marginalizing my second favourite character. I even sort of miss the formulaic school structure. SPN has its own formulas of course, but they're slightly less entrenched. I might have to reread DH too. I realised the other day that a scene I could have sworn happened was from a fanfic that I read more times than the book. Oh dear.

Also, Leverage = AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. It's one of those shows where watching it alone is actually frustrating because I feel the constant need to nudge someone else so we can wink at each other and acknowledge the awesomeness and how we both get it (making us maybe 1% as awesome as the writers and actors, but that's still 1% we didn't have before).

Harper's Island. I did not see that coming. Tell me you did and I may call you a liar.
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I didn't realise how much TV I was watching this year until it ALL WENT AWAY. Before I had a proper lj and flist and everything I used to forget to catch up on stuff and then remember in dribs and drabs and download half a season at a time of this or that all through hiatuses so I barely noticed they existed (except for shows I read fic of and so had to watch regularly). But I've been watching pretty much everything I watch week by week to avoid getting too spoiled and now it's all gone. D:

This is probably why I spent half of today watching last season of So You Think You Can Dance, which I had never seen a minute of before in my life, but which I passionately cared about all evening. I was only surprised to see that that's where Cat Deeley ended up, and then it was dark outside and I'd blown off dinner for reality TV. Um.

Anyway, then I was marginally more productive and read fic (what? All reading is good for the soul. Even porn! And this wasn't porn! It contained porn, but that's different) which totally made my day. We’re still more in love than you think we are by [ profile] forallthewords which I hope everyone is going to read. Childhood best friends who fall in love never ceases to make me happy, and god I love how many brilliantly written examples of it there are in J2 fandom. There's My Heart Don't Beat the Way it Used To and We must reinvent love (those two and today's are my very favourites, I'm still giddy from my discovery earlier this week that the latter evolved into an entire verse when I wasn't looking and has a Big Bang sequel coming up) and Stupidly In Love and Caught in a Spin and The Decisions we make... and probably a few I forgot or haven't read. I should make a proper list and search of my bookmarks. If anyone else can think of any, tell me!

Finally, you all win, yes Glee does look very promising. Whatever. I was in a good mood anyway.

Edit: Harper's Island spoilers in the comments! Random, I know.
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I had a great birthday! The good mood is still lingering. I remember there was homemade ginger ice cream (SO gingery) with chunks of sponge cake and golden syrup swirls in it and a lot of deceptively strong vodka jelly. Instruments often come out at some point in gatherings of my friends (I don't know how I met these people... I can't play anything!) and yesterday someone produced a banjo from what was thought to be a guitar case and someone else had a violin and then it all gets a little fuzzy. Except that at about three in the morning I decided to bake cheesecake brownies to wrap things up. Mmmm. And then today, since I love baking and there wasn't any cake yesterday (except crumbled in ice cream) me and a friend made Nigella Lawson's Guinness cake. It's actually still cooling, but it smells divine and the batter was YUMMY and it's described by Nigella as "damp blackness" which just sounds sinfully good. I love the damp kind of chocolate cake. And it's so pretty. Click the link!

Dollhouse! Still with the surprises. Okay, okay, spoiler cut )

• I don't think it counts as a spoiler since it's been established since the pilot, but the point of Harper's Island continues to be not the body count, but Katie Cassidy naked. It is more fun than murder.

• I cut the trailer from the end of SPN 4.20 and deleted the original from my hard drive because the temptation was too much. And then I watched a different (shorter and vaguer, I think) promo on youtube. Ooops. But it recommended it to me! It would have been rude to refuse. So... has anyone seen the Space promo? If so, TALK TO ME. *unbearable anticipation*

I know they're technically AUs of the Disney movies, but there have been J2 versions of almost all my biggest childhood books. The Swiss Family Robinson and Heidi and 101 Dalmations (which due to a baggage mix up was the only book I had on holiday on a tiny greek island once when I was younger. I alternated reading that or the Starlight Barking every single day for a month) (also, this is set in LONDON). It's the best thing ever! You think after a couple of decades you've probably reached a plateau in your love for something, but then someone writes the J2 version and it's all shiny again.

Now if someone writes the J2 version of What Katy Did I can die happy. I'm not entirely sure how it would work. For one thing, most of the characters are related. What Katy Did Next would be better since it has an actual romantic plotline. Or I guess maybe What Katy Did At School because boarding school is rife with sexual tension when you're not in a 19th century children's book. I can see it! Less "School of Pain" and women learning to be demure and patient and more kissing, fixing most of my issues with the books as an adult! I think Jared would be Katy. Because he's got long limbs and wild hair. And I really enjoyed him under the influence of a sunny tempered, good hearted, unselfconsciously virtuous teenage girl in the Heidi AU. Katy's goodness only starts out self conscious. Plus, Jensen has already proven he looks good in a military type uniform if you go for him as Ned.

You know what? I just want a whole Children's Classics J2 book!AU challenge.

EDIT: Some 4.21 Space promo spoilers in comments!


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