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Spoilers for the last few aired episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Bones and House. Oh, and SPN 4.21. )

I'm a few years late, but the first season of Heroes is SO COOL. And addictive. Best X-men rip off EVER. I've heard it gets less good in later seasons, but for now I'm achieving very little because I have to keep watching it all the time. Even though it has a frustratingly huge cast and is always dropping the plotline I want to see more of. And has also made me feel bad for irrationally disliking Milo Ventimiglia the past few years. It's not really his fault that Jess was an asshole on Gilmore Girls and he'll never be Jared Padalecki. Or that he has a Sylvester Stallone mouth. Peter Petrelli turned out awesome! His hair is ridiculous and yet endearing. I don't see why he doesn't leave New York and work on controlling his power elsewhere, but I'm sure it's all building up to something fun. Which I am dying to get to, but I have to keep going to sleep and working and missing out valuable episode watching time!

P.S T minus 2 days 1 hour and 16 minutes. Thank you
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Brothers getting along in stuff now always reminds me of Sam and Dean. Such as the awesome big brother and adoring little brother in House 5.8 who I REALLY WANT TO CUDDLE. *smish*

This impulse may be influenced by genuine article SamnDean withdrawal. The last few days are the hardest!

And I finally saw Twilight, which is pretty amusing. )

I didn't really need bullet points for that, but I just learned how to make them, so they're going in.
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I have been ridiculously busy the past few days and generally too exhausted to even read fluffy romcom J2 fic in the evenings. So I now have a whole window of whenboymeetsboy fics hanging about taunting me. Soon my lovelies!

Instead of reading I dropped a few notches down in concentration and energy on the weekend and finally watched the last part of season four of House. It's been a while since it aired, but I'll cut for rambling as well as spoilers. )

I did read one really awesome gen fic yesterday before falling asleep. There are aspects of it that I would not be surprised to see happen in canon (I say that spoiler free). If S4 ended like this it would be EPIC and AMAZING and I would be VERY HAPPY. Maybe there's one thing from the very end that I don't entirely love, but mostly I want Kripke and co. to read Break on Through by [ profile] paperbkryter just in case they haven't realised how cool it would be.


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