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So I got bored. And I made some Softer World icons. )

They're not very skilled, but feel free if you want one!
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It's kind of belated, but happy New Year! So far it being 2009 hasn't changed much, but I haven't had to write the full date yet, so it maybe hasn't sunk in. Mostly I'm happy that the boiler in my flat has been fixed after a week or so of hand numbing ice water washing up and having to use towels as extra blankets and also that my cold/flu is almost cleared up after two weeks or so of my body amazing me with the quantity of mucus it can produce from a surprising number of places. Anyway, let's move on because I am mostly here to do a meme, not gross you out. Aren't you excited?

It's that one about icons )
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I tried to clear some icon space by deleting redundant icons... and ended up with three icons of Sam/Jared's legs to replace them. And I already miss my "easily amused" icon, even if I never used it because I mainly comment and it always seems vaguely insulting in the moment. I really should try and get rid of one/two of my three "Sam cries" icons, but he does it so well I can't bear it! All represent a different facet of Sam's tears! There's lighthearted, sincere and Dean's death specific. I need all those! This must be what packing is like for people who love shoes.

*is tossed on the horns of a furious dilemma*


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