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Today I managed to get properly lost like I haven't in YONKS. It was sort of stressfully hilarious. I was wandering about, knowing that I live here and yet seeing nothing familiar, on the verge of just getting a bus to somewhere I recognised when I dropped my box of tic-tacs, had to turn around to pick them up and realised that I had been walking a route home I walk ALL THE TIME for about ten minutes. Well, two songs anyway. It was oh so cunningly disguised by me being on the other side of the road and facing a different direction than I usually do when walking it, but nonetheless, I am an idiot. I do normally go that way at night and it was daylight at the time (which is why I never noticed that the badly lit park is in fact a graveyard) but still. Fail, self. Serious fail.

In other whiny news, I kind of want to wash the Kripke and Gamble interview in the new SPN magazine from my mind. It's made me a little bitter. It's not spoilers, just something I wish I didn't know to regret. *sigh*
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Recently I have watched too many SPN vids and have started making mental ones to every song I listen to (it doesn't always work) and this evening I had nothing to do, so I thought I'd try bringing one into reality. But I am SO incompetent. Seriously, it is not happening. And it's not any complicated editing effects stuff. I am unable to even get the footage into the program. First it was that all my episodes of SPN are .avi files and iMovie didn't like that. So I downloaded a program to convert them to .mov files. And iMovie can read those. Except they keep coming out at about 10 GB per episode when they used to be 350 MB and it also takes forever to do just one ep, let alone seventy. So then I though I would just save small selections in Mpeg Streamclip as .mov files, and I did. But iMovie will now not accept these either! It imports them, and copies them into its files, but then it insists that there are no actual videos in the library. From forum browsing I suspect that "codecs", whatever they may be, are involved. But I thought all .mov files would be fine. DAMN YOU IMOVIE WHY WILL YOU NOT COMPLY WITH MY DEMANDS???

Basically, even more respect than ever before to anyone who makes one of these damn things. They made me wish I had a PC for a few moments, which has never happened before. Though I suspect most people are not foiled so early on.

I am going to step away from my computer and go and make dinner. It's late and I'm starving because I have somehow been wrestling with iMovie for several hours, but I am not at all violently frustrated. Oh no. *deep calming breath*

I did discover rewatching episodes for clips that I do like this season. H&H made me think I didn't, but I do! Sam and Dean are not anywhere near as distant as I thought they would be from interviews and foreshadowing. There are secrets, but they're still always looking at each other to make that little connection, showing that they know each other better than anyone and trusting each other's plans. They are still never going to fight each other to the death without mind altering influence. Also, setting aside the whole sanity after all that torture thing, Dean does sometimes look shiftier than I remember when people mention hell. Whatever. I am trying to retcon. It still does not make sense, but I do love you anyway Show. At least you're still pretty.


Sep. 20th, 2008 09:06 pm
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4.02 title spoilers. Apparently. )

Also, life is somewhat miserable. I am unexpectedly and urgently flat hunting and rotating between two friends' floors till I find a new room somewhere. They're desperately lovely about it, but the intrusion guilt and lack of privacy wear me down somewhat... I want to curl up in bed and read 4.01 fic and I can't! Someone in Edinburgh must have a room at a vaguely reasonable price, right?
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So, I have a confession to make. I frequently watch episodes of tv shows while simultaneously pulling up a or some equivalent recap and checking exactly what happens if it looks like the episode is going to go too cheesy, or too horrifying, or just generally bad. I almost wish I did that this time. My heart is still recovering. )

Meat Bakery

Apr. 1st, 2008 05:09 am
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So it's 4.40 am and I just ate a lot of meat. This is not soothing me to sleep. If you're following this journal (snort) you will see that yesterday I attempted meatloaf and was hampered by having no clue what meatloaf is actually meant to be like. After consideration me and my flatmate came to the conclusion that Delia's recipe was low on bread, producing something more like a large meatball or sausage than a "loaf". I know you're not going to get bread out of meat no matter what you do, but I also know that you are meant to be able to slice meatloaf, and yesterday's meatloaf was too wet and burgery for real slicing. Sadly I am too poor after purchasing the world's most gorgeous computer and paying the extortionate gas bill we just received to be buying meat everyday and only had enough meat left for one batch. However I also wanted to experiment with meatloaf in order to come up with my personal recipe. Hence the meat muffin was born.

All About Meat Muffins in Tedious Detail )

Also, meatloaf analysis. I love people and the things they bother to do.
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I write this sitting on my own bed at home, which is news because my new computer just arrived. It's the black one. And it is unbearably gorgeous.

*strokes reverently*

And then rambles for a while about new toy, feel free to ignore )


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