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This is the longest time my computer has ever taken to download 350 MB. Not just psychologically. Actually the longest time. At least now the Internet is working (SLOWLY) unlike earlier when it WAS NOT.

Edit: I am now in an free wifi cafe because my internet cut out TWICE right before my download finished. Okay, once right before it finished and once about 5MB in but ANYWAY. And I am actually outside the cafe on the stairs because they aren't open yet. But I am going to go in there and buy a scone later because they are wonderful people who leave their wifi on when they're not there. And I don't like coffee, but baked goods are always welcome.

Also, I just realised this cafe is part of the LGBT centre. GOOD PEOPLE.
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The fact that my Internet is broken in the middle of Big Bang season is very stressful! As is my flist being on ?skip=past 300 and counting. Of course I have been so busy the past few days that the only time I could spare to find wifi is past midnight at the twenty four hour university computer lab so it probably didn't make a huge difference to my reading. Anyway, I am making a half hour pit stop to save everything remotely interesting looking to my computer, download the last episode of SYTYCD and completely fail to answer my build up of e-mails and then I am going home to wish I was in bed while I do laundry.
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Holy crap Burger King WiFi sucks. The whole reason I bought this milkshake (not that it isn't a pleasant consolation prize) was to use their Internet, but everything is blocked as inappropriate! And okay, fair enough that gay incest porn is maybe a little dodgy, but only a small proportion of my flist will directly pertain to that. And all of YouTube and any Google search results (including those for "Burger King") is excessive.

I am enjoying the loud 90's pop though. Between that and the fact I haven't been to a Burger King in a decade or so I'm feeling very teenage nostalgic.
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I just got freaked out for about five minutes by one of those sneaky pop up ads with sound. It hid behind another window, and instead of obnoxiously blasting me with death metal or buzzing mosquito noises, it waited a while and then started making the occasional subtle knocking or squeaky wiping sound. I descended into paranoia with alarming rapidity. But it was very stressful! I have fifty million tabs! And I thought it was a banner ad, and I was clicking and clicking but its noise was intermittent, and I couldn't find it anywhere and I started thinking it was all in my head. I held on to my sanity in the end, but UPS have made an enemy.

ANYWAY, this isn't why I came here. Not that I had a particular reason, except to say that today I believe nothing anyone tells me at all, even if it's reasonable. Absolutely everyone is a sneaky liar whereas I may be the fool whose day we're celebrating. The one time I tried an April Fool's prank it was a bit rubbish, if I'm frank. Being about nine, I went a fairly simple route with a box of confetti over a door (I thought water or flour would be mean. My magazine suggested cereal but we didn't have much left and I wanted to eat it in the morning.) but somehow my mum moved through the doorway faster than light and all the conffetti fell behind her and she didn't even notice until she came back out and by then it had all gone wrong and somehow been turned back on me. IT WAS VERY TRAUMATIC. And today I totally believed my best friend when she called and told me she was pregnant by her ex boyfriend she still lives with because they have a lease. Even though when we were eighteen she did a very similar thing to her mum. Me and her mum both took it very supportively. Clearly we are too nice for her.

On an unrelated note, L&O: UK has somewhat douchey, overblown theme music and despite containing the same amount of plot (or the same plots entirely, actually), a slightly slower pace than US L&O. But it's so Londony that I still want to expire with joy when I watch it.
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Huh. I was just casually looking at my bookmarks, and for the first time ever the number of RPF fics I have bookmarked outstrips the number of Wincest fics. It's only by ten, so it could change in a few hours of one shots, but... o_0

I'm not sure it means much, but it's weird. The Other folder is still the biggest overall though. Some status quo remains.
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I am using my most unironic icon of MISERY (and I so need more of those) for a reason. I wish my TV from the Internet skills extended beyond 66stage and alluc. Where is episode 12 of Supernatural? WHERE?



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