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There is one item of clothing which I have always found to be, somewhat unaccountably, the sexiest thing ever. EVER EVER. On men and women. Today (or a few days ago, but I was away for a long weekend) GQ brought me not just the name of that garment, so that I can stop awkwardly describing it, but also pictures of Matt Bomer wearing it. THANK YOU GQ. I am thinking of taking out a subscription in gratitude.

Is this one of those things that is all over flists everywhere? Well, I'm posting it anyway. Matt Bomer in various Henleys. And random Jared Padalecki from a few years ago, because HENLEY. UNF. )

My long weekend was AWESOME by the way. Open House Weekend is one of my very favourite times of year (there may be a post later on the ridiculous number of places I squeezed in) and as a bonus, I got to hang out with [ profile] lazy_daze Saturday night. I have been left with a ridiculously long list of thing I must watch/read/listen to as a result, but I got to commiserate/squee over SPN and talk about Project Runway, so I am happy. :D
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I went on a picnic breakfast/lunch in the park with some friends today and fell asleep in the sun (I was all sun-warmed and tuckered out from Saturday dancing) and have somehow ended up with one very tanned/slightly sunburned arm. Up to just under my elbow, since I had three-quarter length sleeves. With a big band of white around my wrist where I was keeping a hairband. Lovely. Mostly I'm horrified at how delicate and English my skin has apparently become. By blood I'm half Mediterranean. I used to spend a whole day in a swimming costume on the beach under 40 degree baking sunshine and not get burned! And now my arm is tender from a few hours of weak Scottish sunlight? It's very embarrassing. I will not be telling my cousins about this incident.

So the first part of my day was napping in the sun, and the second has been con reports. And okay, I have finally been persuaded, Misha is kind of awesome. Though having him on stage makes watching con vids twice as nerve wracking. He is a totally random unpredictable element! He asks fake fangirl questions and mentions slash and bends Jared over! I am unable to watch the bit where he asks Jared and Jensen about being lovers even though I laughed when I read it. Curse my low embarrassment threshold!

It would have been a very pleasant Sunday except that between snippets of video I have also been tortured by THIS DAMN GAME. Level 17 is KILLING ME. It's easy to figure out how to do it, but actually doing it is DRIVING ME MAD. It's all about speed and my reflexes aren't good enough! There are three parts you have to do and individually I have managed them all, but every time I get one I then go and die stupidly on the next one. I got two once, AND THEN MY COMPUTER FROZE MOMENTARILY AND I DIED AND IT WASN'T EVEN MY FAULT. And now I am too frustrated to play properly. I may cry, I may punch something, I may just sit and stew in impotent fury. This is why I shouldn't play games. I am transformed into a five year old having a temper tantrum. But it's meant to be a strategy game! I was fine while it was strategy! But I wasn't expecting tests of speed and my computer's processing power! I blame [ profile] catdancerz. She irresponsibly linked to an article about brain exercising that set me on this dark path.

Even though it's still hasn't quite got going yet, I'm enjoying Harper's Island. It reminds me of a similar, if much less complex and much more drawn out, Sunset Beach plotline. *nostalgia*

Random fact: I was looking at Uriel/Robert Wisdom's IMDB page because he is everywhere recently and apparently he was in the same episode of ER as Jared. I think they were on separate plot lines and never met, but it's still a cool coincidence.
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Criminal Minds was pretty good this week. I am such a sucker for Catholicism plots. It's an automatic sense of mystery and power with the weight of so much history and ritual behind it and imagery honed by centuries of awing peasants. It always draws me in. I blame all those Catholic schools I went to. Despite never believing in it, I've clearly been culturally brainwashed. There's also Emily Prentiss, whose face I am somewhat enamoured of.

Not as enamoured as I am of all of Jared in those stupidly hot pictures though. The threadbare grey t-shirt that is practically sheer is taunting me, I swear. You can see his skin through it, and yet you can't. And the hoodie. And the crouching. Um. All of it. It's crossposted everywhere, so I won't, but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it.

All day I have been oddly preoccupied with my mostly dull dream from last night. It just won't fade away as dream usually do, and for no good reason. Other people's dreams are never that interesting, but I seem to be talking about it anyway. Ooops. It was a ridiculously stressful dream that I was an Olympic swimmer. But it was really all about leg shaving anxiety. I kept trying to find time to go and shave my legs in order to reduce my drag in the water, but people kept talking to me all the time and I was too polite and embarrassed to say FUCK OFF, I HAVE TO GO AND SHAVE MY LEGS NOW and then it was the day of the race and these men with guns and balaclavas burst in and I woke up in a ridiculous state of panic that would usually follow falling off something or getting eaten by a lion, but the panic wasn't about the guns, it was about how there would never be enough time for me to get to a bathroom with a razor now I was a hostage. I really do not know what my brain is on about some nights. Perhaps it's the approaching end of winter and tights season or maybe it's that every time I shave my legs my soul dies a little from the boredom of it while so many years of life and hair growth still loom before me. Life is hard, okay, and I'm washing my hair tonight.

I do seem to recall something good was happening tonight. What was that again?
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I couldn't sleep the other night. So instead I did something productive and downloaded Cheaper by the Dozen, edited out any non essential scenes and uploaded it to YouTube. Unfortunately YouTube could somehow tell that I was uploading something Fox selfishly wants to keep to itself and rejected me, so instead I had to upload the file to megaupload.

So, if anyone fancies it here's Jared as a high school douchebag. I think I got all his bits, but to be honest I was fast forwarding, so if he did any lighting-fast drive-by bullying I could have missed it.

I should warn you, before you get invested, that Jared's character does not get any closure or redemption in this. We're rather left hanging as to what inner torment causes him to lash out at innocent small town newcomers. Some kind of cow or corn related childhood trauma perhaps? The writers chose to leave the details of Unnamed Bully's emotional journey up to us, and I think Jared's nuanced performance gives us all plenty to interpret. A rather more vexing issue is why Jared is the only person in the locker room wearing a shirt.

After that I started in on the copy of Flight of the Phoenix on my hard drive. Which, as you can see on YouTube since it didn't care about this film, is really the tragic story of John Davis and his protective older redheaded lover. You can download it too, if you're into that sort of thing.

Jared isn't in the last scene, but I decided to keep in the outpouring of grief for emotional resonance. You may be able to tell from my use of the word grief that Jared dies... and I should warn you it's with little dignity. He also cries some unmanly tears of fear before that. Additionally, my unprofessional editing may have had a negative impact on the cinematography and narrative coherency. The plane crash is really quite complicated. You should actually watch this movie if it's on!
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Okay, how is it that I cannot find the full Movie Life: House of Wax ANYWHERE. Admittedly I am not the best at finding stuff on the Internet, but I usually manage eventually! This time all I can find is some random clips, such as this YouTube video in which Chad is very sweet about Jared towards the end.

I suspect this has been edited to boost Jared's screentime, but I still want more! There were FIVE episodes! Maybe a Paris Hilton fan (I hear she was the main focus of them) has them somewhere. But I have no idea where to go for that. And I'm scared of what I might see.

Also, Chad loves Jared and could never say anything bad about him. Awww. *cough* I mean. J2. Yes.
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I saw Friday the 13th!  )

In unrelated news, I now feel guilty for determinedly mentally editing the make-up out of any Jared/Sam fic involving eyeliner. Apparently it actually IS hot.
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I'm always amused at myself when celebrities do a whole spate of talk show promotion stuff at once, because when you're a obsessive fan who watches them all you start to see all the patterns and little things they repeat. Sometimes it's whole anecdotes, sometimes it's smaller stuff. Jared is very fond of his Jason-in-costume first meeting of Derek and Jensen, in his adorable nervousness, had clearly prepared a few recent holiday anecdotes for his run of talk shows (since he and Jared have both done the bee story to death... I don't know if I miss it, but I do look back at it with great fondness). And of course there are some questions that always get asked (Were you a fan of the original Friday the 13th movies?) and only so many ways to answer, so you get a lot of repetition that way. But I like the more subtle stuff, like Jared taking his spontaneous (or seemingly at least, you can never be sure) joke in response to the Good Morning Arizona interviewer's question and then working it into his KTLA interview because he liked it. Or the joke one of the newscasters on Sacramento CW made about Jason and the muppets that Jared laughed at and totally stole at the premier. It makes me feel this combination of embarrassed at my clearly atypical level of Internet stalking and um... oddly accomplished at my clearly atypical level of Internet stalking. You cannot hide from fandom Jared and Jensen! We know all your secrets BWAH HA HA HA.
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I tried to clear some icon space by deleting redundant icons... and ended up with three icons of Sam/Jared's legs to replace them. And I already miss my "easily amused" icon, even if I never used it because I mainly comment and it always seems vaguely insulting in the moment. I really should try and get rid of one/two of my three "Sam cries" icons, but he does it so well I can't bear it! All represent a different facet of Sam's tears! There's lighthearted, sincere and Dean's death specific. I need all those! This must be what packing is like for people who love shoes.

*is tossed on the horns of a furious dilemma*

Mad skillz

Nov. 5th, 2008 06:59 pm
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I really need to stop procrastinating. I have been mesmerized by speed painting videos on YouTube for an embarrassing length of time. But... look!

It is mesmerizing, isn't it? At first you think it will be crappy but the magical mouse darts around and the tools flicker on and off and suddenly a face! Appears! Recognisable! From the fog!

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But instead I'm watching clips of German!SPN. I find myself oddly fascinated by Sam and Dean's German accented non verbal noises. Like heavy breathing, laughter and gasps of pain.

How weird is Deutsche!Sam's laugh?

I'm sorry to say, but I don't think the guys dubbing Sam and Dean are the most amazing actors. Especially Dean's. I have Jensen's raspy, angry delivery in my head and it is way, way better. Although I am enjoying Sam saying "fleisch und blut und angst". Again, the laughter and pained breathing in which I swear I can hear the german are surreal.

Okay. Now I'm done. I just wanted to see the Christmas Cottage trailer and I have, distractions and all. Am I being too paranoid about spoilers when I cut for Kinkade movies? )

Anyway, I can't help thinking about how mercilessly Dean would tease Sam if he saw him some of those hats. It amuses me.


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