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I went on a picnic breakfast/lunch in the park with some friends today and fell asleep in the sun (I was all sun-warmed and tuckered out from Saturday dancing) and have somehow ended up with one very tanned/slightly sunburned arm. Up to just under my elbow, since I had three-quarter length sleeves. With a big band of white around my wrist where I was keeping a hairband. Lovely. Mostly I'm horrified at how delicate and English my skin has apparently become. By blood I'm half Mediterranean. I used to spend a whole day in a swimming costume on the beach under 40 degree baking sunshine and not get burned! And now my arm is tender from a few hours of weak Scottish sunlight? It's very embarrassing. I will not be telling my cousins about this incident.

So the first part of my day was napping in the sun, and the second has been con reports. And okay, I have finally been persuaded, Misha is kind of awesome. Though having him on stage makes watching con vids twice as nerve wracking. He is a totally random unpredictable element! He asks fake fangirl questions and mentions slash and bends Jared over! I am unable to watch the bit where he asks Jared and Jensen about being lovers even though I laughed when I read it. Curse my low embarrassment threshold!

It would have been a very pleasant Sunday except that between snippets of video I have also been tortured by THIS DAMN GAME. Level 17 is KILLING ME. It's easy to figure out how to do it, but actually doing it is DRIVING ME MAD. It's all about speed and my reflexes aren't good enough! There are three parts you have to do and individually I have managed them all, but every time I get one I then go and die stupidly on the next one. I got two once, AND THEN MY COMPUTER FROZE MOMENTARILY AND I DIED AND IT WASN'T EVEN MY FAULT. And now I am too frustrated to play properly. I may cry, I may punch something, I may just sit and stew in impotent fury. This is why I shouldn't play games. I am transformed into a five year old having a temper tantrum. But it's meant to be a strategy game! I was fine while it was strategy! But I wasn't expecting tests of speed and my computer's processing power! I blame [ profile] catdancerz. She irresponsibly linked to an article about brain exercising that set me on this dark path.

Even though it's still hasn't quite got going yet, I'm enjoying Harper's Island. It reminds me of a similar, if much less complex and much more drawn out, Sunset Beach plotline. *nostalgia*

Random fact: I was looking at Uriel/Robert Wisdom's IMDB page because he is everywhere recently and apparently he was in the same episode of ER as Jared. I think they were on separate plot lines and never met, but it's still a cool coincidence.
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I'm always amused at myself when celebrities do a whole spate of talk show promotion stuff at once, because when you're a obsessive fan who watches them all you start to see all the patterns and little things they repeat. Sometimes it's whole anecdotes, sometimes it's smaller stuff. Jared is very fond of his Jason-in-costume first meeting of Derek and Jensen, in his adorable nervousness, had clearly prepared a few recent holiday anecdotes for his run of talk shows (since he and Jared have both done the bee story to death... I don't know if I miss it, but I do look back at it with great fondness). And of course there are some questions that always get asked (Were you a fan of the original Friday the 13th movies?) and only so many ways to answer, so you get a lot of repetition that way. But I like the more subtle stuff, like Jared taking his spontaneous (or seemingly at least, you can never be sure) joke in response to the Good Morning Arizona interviewer's question and then working it into his KTLA interview because he liked it. Or the joke one of the newscasters on Sacramento CW made about Jason and the muppets that Jared laughed at and totally stole at the premier. It makes me feel this combination of embarrassed at my clearly atypical level of Internet stalking and um... oddly accomplished at my clearly atypical level of Internet stalking. You cannot hide from fandom Jared and Jensen! We know all your secrets BWAH HA HA HA.
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I totally meant to do some work on my essay today, but instead I spent all evening watching random Whose Line Is It Anyway clips on YouTube. And crying with laughter. I especially love this clip because for once Drew Carey has stumbled on some fangirls for audience participation instead of the usual confused old ladies who have possibly never watched the show. Can invisible babies be slightly gross?

And I saw My Bloody Valentine the other day, so spoilers lurking ) Truly horrifically terrifying was the The Unborn trailer. That I may be too chicken to see. Friday the 13th (sadly they only showed the teaser trailer, but there was about a second of big screen Jared!) looked sudden-shock scary, but The Unborn looked like it might twist your mind for life.

Finally, if anyone hasn't read it, J2 HIgh School AU fic My Heart Don't Beat the Way it Used To will make you smile for hours. Seriously. I'm still giddy.
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So, I'm in London, which in great for several reasons. It's London and my favourite place on earth. I can see all my friends who didn't escape to a different country (Scotland is totally a different country. I keep getting weird looks when I use the money, especially as the new stuff looks like Euros. And since my old job paid in cash I still have a steady supply of pseudo euros trickling out into the local economy) for university. I can buy some clothes before I go back to Edinburgh, where you have to go all the way to Glasgow before you can find anything cheap and acceptable to wear. It is also great because I am not in Libya like I have been the past month, and things like the phone, and the Internet, and public transport and rain actually work again. Most of the time.

But it is not all good. Because I am staying with my dad. And his mid life crisis has taken the form of... composting. Indoors. And I don't think he's cleaned much since I moved out four years ago. And I am afraid (make that, disgusted) to go in the kitchen because there are fruit flies everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

We don't have a garden. He buries the organic material in public gardens and flower beds in the middle of the night. He has a little plastic spade. He calls them "biodumps". Last night, I was lookout. I don't think it's illegal to fertilise outdoor public spaces. A little eccentric maybe.

I am not fussy about housekeeping. I lived with a single man most of my childhood. I can put up with a lot. And I admit the second "everywhere" I used above may have been a tad dramatic. We're nowhere near How Clean is Your House level, because you can still see at least part of all the surfaces, there are no serious smells and nothing furry or larger than a fruit fly has appeared to me. Yet. But this is still really gross. I may have to succumb to gender stereotypes, kick my dad out for a day and scrub all the way to the walls. I already ineptly hemmed my dad's suit trousers and sewed all the buttons back onto his favourite shirt, so I may as well go the whole hog.

Nevertheless, I am going to be kind of glad to escape back North in a few days to try and catch some Festival action before it's all over.

Also, normally I like Jensen a lot, but for whatever reason am not all that attracted. But. Um. Especially the first one. I may be in love with the photographer. I wouldn't have thought a flower in the mouth would do it for me. But apparently I don't know myself that well.

Coming across things like that is why I missed the Internet so much this last month.

*hugs the Internet and sobs in happiness at the reunion and wistful sadness at all the little things that have probably been missed*


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