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I'm actually posting again! It's been a while, but first I had no Internet, and then my charger broke, and then I was just lazy. But very soon I will be compelled to ramble weekly about Sam and Dean, so It's time to get derusted. Last month I was actually kind of apathetic about hiatus being over and Supernatural coming back... but now we're really getting down to the wire and the CW released that awesome O Death promo I am PSYCHED once more. Very effective marketing for once CW!

Of course being psyched makes waiting worse, so I've been attempting to distract myself with True Blood. I tried a while ago to watch the first episode and wasn't really sucked in, but I think that had more to do with the constant crashing of the streaming website I was trying to watch it on. But it's actually pretty good! It makes me wonder what Supernatural would be like if it was on cable.... But anyway, I am up to S1 episode 11 and the absolute hilarity of the real burden of Bill's sentence being not the tragic guilt of murdering a beautiful innocent young girl, but of being saddled with the UNDEAD'S MOST ANNOYING TEENAGER. Seriously, his face when she says he's the worst maker ever. Hee. I don't really love any of the characters or relationships that much though. They're all too fucked up and realistic! Someone will be awesome one episode (Lafayette putting those AIDS burger bigots in their place and Jason high fiving him), and I start to warm up to them, but they never keep it up long enough for me to love them while accepting their faults (Um, all the drug dealing and every other interaction Jason has). So I appreciate it, but I don't love it.

I saw the Time Traveller's Wife, and like all film adaptations it wasn't perfect. Claire's hair was the wrong colour and they changed and simplified and cut things and the falling pile of clothes thing was inappropriately amusing... but I may have cried almost the whole way through. Which I think that means I really really enjoyed it. I also had to hurry and get the audiobook right after and so now I am tearing up in many inappropriate public locations, such as Sainsbury's this afternoon when Henry met Alba for the first time.

Finally, I am moving soon! To Oxford not London, because the only place in London I can afford to live is with my dad, and I do not know how I got to adulthood in that tiny one bedroom flat with someone as hectic as my father. I love him to death, but I need more space. And cleaner kitchen surfaces. Oxford is commuting distance and I will be living with my best friend since I was eleven, so I fully expect funtimes to commence shortly! \0/

I lied about finally. Here's a random tv show meme I found somewhere or other yonks ago and never posted. )
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I just got freaked out for about five minutes by one of those sneaky pop up ads with sound. It hid behind another window, and instead of obnoxiously blasting me with death metal or buzzing mosquito noises, it waited a while and then started making the occasional subtle knocking or squeaky wiping sound. I descended into paranoia with alarming rapidity. But it was very stressful! I have fifty million tabs! And I thought it was a banner ad, and I was clicking and clicking but its noise was intermittent, and I couldn't find it anywhere and I started thinking it was all in my head. I held on to my sanity in the end, but UPS have made an enemy.

ANYWAY, this isn't why I came here. Not that I had a particular reason, except to say that today I believe nothing anyone tells me at all, even if it's reasonable. Absolutely everyone is a sneaky liar whereas I may be the fool whose day we're celebrating. The one time I tried an April Fool's prank it was a bit rubbish, if I'm frank. Being about nine, I went a fairly simple route with a box of confetti over a door (I thought water or flour would be mean. My magazine suggested cereal but we didn't have much left and I wanted to eat it in the morning.) but somehow my mum moved through the doorway faster than light and all the conffetti fell behind her and she didn't even notice until she came back out and by then it had all gone wrong and somehow been turned back on me. IT WAS VERY TRAUMATIC. And today I totally believed my best friend when she called and told me she was pregnant by her ex boyfriend she still lives with because they have a lease. Even though when we were eighteen she did a very similar thing to her mum. Me and her mum both took it very supportively. Clearly we are too nice for her.

On an unrelated note, L&O: UK has somewhat douchey, overblown theme music and despite containing the same amount of plot (or the same plots entirely, actually), a slightly slower pace than US L&O. But it's so Londony that I still want to expire with joy when I watch it.
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I totally got spoiled twice just now, not in big ways, but still. Putting "spoiler" just before something on the same line does not give my eyes enough time to stop reading! Spoiler, Dean gets pulled out Hell by an angel... you read that, right? But then I had to watch the promo, because I'm weak like that and it was too late and I realised I actually already read a Sera Gamble interview months ago that sort of spoiled it and had just forgotten so... one real spoiler and one half spoiler. *grumbles anyway*

I have a sudden overabundance of crime drama to watch this weekend. I managed to go a shockingly long time without realising that the Law & Order franchise has been expanded to the UK, The Mentalist looks almost as awesome as Criminal Intent used to be and I am kind of loving Castle. I have noticed the uncanny similarities between it and another comedy edged cop show featuring the odd couple pairing of a tough law enforcement officer and a wealthy book writing civilian, one of whom is played by the former brooding protagonist of a Joss Whendon show... but I totally have room for two of those in my life. Maybe three, if anyone else wants to oblige. Sarah Michelle Gellar can play a tiny but tough CIA agent and one day there can be a magnificent three way crossover event.

Anyway, Castle has an unreasonably schmoopy single dad plotline. If you want to make me love a character, making them an awkwardly affectionate single dad to a teenage daughter is a good start. I start to fondly compare them to my own awkwardly affectionate single dad, and suddenly I've accepted them into my heart. So initially veeery promisng, but it will all have to wait till tomorrow evening, because I have to go and finish cooking dahl for a pot lucky type thing, and I'm totally going to be late. It is tasting extra delicious though.


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