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So my charger is broken AGAIN. Apple are sending me a replacement within two weeks under my warranty. I may have just bought a new one off ebay for £13 anyway because I can't stand to wait that long for the next episode of SPN. I AM TENSE OKAY? And not having a computer sucks even when it isn't SPN day. Fingers crossed it arrives by Saturday or I really will have wasted a tenner. Also they better give us some bloody answers because this is turning out to be a very expensive episode.

Anyway, if I ignore your comments for a few days it is because I am totally computerless. This is my flatmate's computer, but she is usually using it and I have to keep erasing the history in case it mentions porn. My home laptop is all tired out and I can't even skive off at work to check my flist because we are in the midst of moving offices and all the computers and phones have been disconnected. Tomorrow I will be there all alone coordinating movers and I can't even phone anyone because there ARE NO PHONES. How did I end up in charge of stuff?
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So this week was meant to be when I got my laptop back, but I phoned the Apple store yesterday and they said that the parts hadn't even ARRIVED yet. D: They don't know why, and they agree it is taking a surprisingly long time, but can only wait. Oh, and it may take another two to four (four!) weeks after they receive the parts to fit them. This is all taking us dangerously close to me MISSING THE SUPERNATURAL PREMIERE.

Ugh. This is like when I was in Libya, possibly the one place in the world that doesn't sell Harry Potter books, when Deathly Hallows was released.


In other news, the new job is still going well! And I finally caved and got a bus pass, which makes me disproportionately happy. Travel freedom! It has been so long. I may use it mainly to travel to Internet cafes. I have also become slightly obsessed with cooking things in a Thermos with boiling water. You're limited to grains and quick cooking dried things like lentils, but it's surprisingly yummy and you have 8 hours to decide when you want to eat it. This stops me from doing that thing where I put off making dinner all evening and end up eating dry toast at 11.00.
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Hello flist! Several things.

1. For those wondering what happened with the job situation, I went for... Option 3! A hitherto unconsidered option. I accepted Job 1 and will also work part time in my current job to make up a full time job. I have to be the assistant of the person I used to be, which is a little odd, but hey. Maybe one day I can have £0 instead of the minus something I currently do. Dare to dream! It is still slightly less money than Job A, but now only just. I start the new job in the middle of next week. Slightly petrifying!

2. I am currently, due to aforementioned continuing part time in my current office, without an official desk. By September there will be a free permanent place to sit, but until then I sit at the desk of whoever is on leave. Today (in fact, this month), that person is the Director of the whole department. I have a huge desk and four walls and windows and what is meant to be a really comfortable chair. I'm actually not a big fan of the back support thing attached to the chair, but am too afraid to adjust anything in case I can't get the chair back to how it was. The private office is mostly cool, but guys, it is lonely at the top. I may be able to go on lj without fear of being caught, but I miss chatting casually throughout the day to everyone else in the office. I just heard laughter and I have no idea what it was about!

3. My computer charger is broken, again, which is a bit of a downer. Thankfully I should still be in warranty and am going to London (where the closest official Apple Store is) anyway for a birthday party this Saturday, so should only have to endure a few laptop free days. But still, I am very pouty about it and can't tell RL people why I mind so much. I have an addiction, okay! Also, I want to know who makes the SYTYCD final.

4. All complaints are balanced out ten million times over by PROPOSITION 8 OVERTURNED IN CALIFORNIA!!!! :D :D :D
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This is the longest time my computer has ever taken to download 350 MB. Not just psychologically. Actually the longest time. At least now the Internet is working (SLOWLY) unlike earlier when it WAS NOT.

Edit: I am now in an free wifi cafe because my internet cut out TWICE right before my download finished. Okay, once right before it finished and once about 5MB in but ANYWAY. And I am actually outside the cafe on the stairs because they aren't open yet. But I am going to go in there and buy a scone later because they are wonderful people who leave their wifi on when they're not there. And I don't like coffee, but baked goods are always welcome.

Also, I just realised this cafe is part of the LGBT centre. GOOD PEOPLE.
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Here's that meme that's going round. Apparently that's all I appear on my lj for anymore. I think I saw it on [ profile] sneaky_sena's lj first, but it's about all over the place.

01. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper at their LiveJournal.
02. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
03. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

*drumroll* )

Also, holy crap big bangs are posting. I'm not ready! I didn't write one or anything, but I still have a folder of links to last year's to read. *clears schedule*
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• Just a few moments ago there was a very traumatic incident where my browser SUDDENLY QUIT. Which has never happened before, except that one time I was opening some dodgy flash page it didn't like. And then... IT HAPPENED AGAIN. Just a few seconds later. PLEASE DON'T BE DYING MY DARLING. It's nothing huge that actually suggests a total system failure and I'm still covered by my extended warranty if it is, but I love my laptop more than I should and if it dies I will cry and carry its corpse with me for days. Possibly I'm overreacting. But I love it! I love you laptop! I promise to hug you more if you stay alive! Anyway. I had to type that to make sure it knows, because I'm not sure whether or not it can hear me when I whisper to it.

• Dollhouse is still really good! I want to discuss it, but I also don't want to be informed of any creepy ways it's misogynistic that I haven't thought of or that Joss Whendon must hate women, so I'm scared to go looking for fan reactions. That is what the pre show buzz I stumbled on was like. And they hadn't even seen it yet. I'm probably being paranoid. Again. But I'm easily put off in the early stages of attachment, and I'm still in the early stages despite the season almost being over. I love the plot, but it's hard to get that attached when the characters are mostly either bad guys or wipeable dolls. Sure, they're bad guys with varying issues and personalities, but I can't get over their jobs. And I do have my favourite dolls (it swings beteen Sierra and November.... sorry Echo! I like you a lot, but there can only be one winner. Or two, apparently. But not three!) but that's kind of arbitrary since they don't actually have personalities. Allegedly. I miss the days when all my friends watched Buffy and we'd talk about on fridays at school. Why is this not on UK TV yet?

• There needs to be a comm for J2 podfic. I keep missing stuff. Or I keep almost missing stuff, and then wondering how much I might actually unknowingly miss. Today tragedy was only narrowly averted when I skim read the newsletter and missed the podfic of And the rest, as they say, is history. But then the tab of it somehow reappeared when I restored my last browser session after the aforementioned traumatic sudden quitting. Hey! Maybe that was my computer making sure I saw it the only way it could! Maybe it does hear me whisper.
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I think I am always whining about having too much fic to read nowadays, but so much has built up! I have read virtually no fic this week because I have discovered the magic of iMovie 6. SO much better than iMovie 8. I can see how iMovie 8 would be great if you were editing your holiday footage, but it was unworkable for fanvids because there was just no way to look at the music on a proper timeline that I could find. Anyway, I am absorbed making a crappy nonsensical (it's so far kind of like free association with the lyrics with no attempt at a coherent mood or message or POV) SPN vid and, maybe enjoying it is the wrong phrase, but looking up to see that it is suddenly ten o'clock and feeling shell shocked at any rate.

I did manage to make bread and butter pudding, and like a teenager left alone for the weekend for the first time eat nothing but dessert for dinner. But who cares! It's cold outside, but my bread and butter pudding is hot and creamy and crispy golden on top and it has chocolate chips instead of raisins. Screw you traditional recipe! Mmmmm.

T minus roughly three and half hours. \0/
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Recently I have watched too many SPN vids and have started making mental ones to every song I listen to (it doesn't always work) and this evening I had nothing to do, so I thought I'd try bringing one into reality. But I am SO incompetent. Seriously, it is not happening. And it's not any complicated editing effects stuff. I am unable to even get the footage into the program. First it was that all my episodes of SPN are .avi files and iMovie didn't like that. So I downloaded a program to convert them to .mov files. And iMovie can read those. Except they keep coming out at about 10 GB per episode when they used to be 350 MB and it also takes forever to do just one ep, let alone seventy. So then I though I would just save small selections in Mpeg Streamclip as .mov files, and I did. But iMovie will now not accept these either! It imports them, and copies them into its files, but then it insists that there are no actual videos in the library. From forum browsing I suspect that "codecs", whatever they may be, are involved. But I thought all .mov files would be fine. DAMN YOU IMOVIE WHY WILL YOU NOT COMPLY WITH MY DEMANDS???

Basically, even more respect than ever before to anyone who makes one of these damn things. They made me wish I had a PC for a few moments, which has never happened before. Though I suspect most people are not foiled so early on.

I am going to step away from my computer and go and make dinner. It's late and I'm starving because I have somehow been wrestling with iMovie for several hours, but I am not at all violently frustrated. Oh no. *deep calming breath*

I did discover rewatching episodes for clips that I do like this season. H&H made me think I didn't, but I do! Sam and Dean are not anywhere near as distant as I thought they would be from interviews and foreshadowing. There are secrets, but they're still always looking at each other to make that little connection, showing that they know each other better than anyone and trusting each other's plans. They are still never going to fight each other to the death without mind altering influence. Also, setting aside the whole sanity after all that torture thing, Dean does sometimes look shiftier than I remember when people mention hell. Whatever. I am trying to retcon. It still does not make sense, but I do love you anyway Show. At least you're still pretty.
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I write this sitting on my own bed at home, which is news because my new computer just arrived. It's the black one. And it is unbearably gorgeous.

*strokes reverently*

And then rambles for a while about new toy, feel free to ignore )


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