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Huh. I was just casually looking at my bookmarks, and for the first time ever the number of RPF fics I have bookmarked outstrips the number of Wincest fics. It's only by ten, so it could change in a few hours of one shots, but... o_0

I'm not sure it means much, but it's weird. The Other folder is still the biggest overall though. Some status quo remains.

Meat Bakery

Apr. 1st, 2008 05:09 am
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So it's 4.40 am and I just ate a lot of meat. This is not soothing me to sleep. If you're following this journal (snort) you will see that yesterday I attempted meatloaf and was hampered by having no clue what meatloaf is actually meant to be like. After consideration me and my flatmate came to the conclusion that Delia's recipe was low on bread, producing something more like a large meatball or sausage than a "loaf". I know you're not going to get bread out of meat no matter what you do, but I also know that you are meant to be able to slice meatloaf, and yesterday's meatloaf was too wet and burgery for real slicing. Sadly I am too poor after purchasing the world's most gorgeous computer and paying the extortionate gas bill we just received to be buying meat everyday and only had enough meat left for one batch. However I also wanted to experiment with meatloaf in order to come up with my personal recipe. Hence the meat muffin was born.

All About Meat Muffins in Tedious Detail )

Also, meatloaf analysis. I love people and the things they bother to do.
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I write this sitting on my own bed at home, which is news because my new computer just arrived. It's the black one. And it is unbearably gorgeous.

*strokes reverently*

And then rambles for a while about new toy, feel free to ignore )


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