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Dollhouse. I appear to be getting into it. But two things. )

In the end, Dollhouse is largely an inadequate distraction from my true desire. I really really need it to be Thursday now.
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I tried to clear some icon space by deleting redundant icons... and ended up with three icons of Sam/Jared's legs to replace them. And I already miss my "easily amused" icon, even if I never used it because I mainly comment and it always seems vaguely insulting in the moment. I really should try and get rid of one/two of my three "Sam cries" icons, but he does it so well I can't bear it! All represent a different facet of Sam's tears! There's lighthearted, sincere and Dean's death specific. I need all those! This must be what packing is like for people who love shoes.

*is tossed on the horns of a furious dilemma*

Mad skillz

Nov. 5th, 2008 06:59 pm
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I really need to stop procrastinating. I have been mesmerized by speed painting videos on YouTube for an embarrassing length of time. But... look!

It is mesmerizing, isn't it? At first you think it will be crappy but the magical mouse darts around and the tools flicker on and off and suddenly a face! Appears! Recognisable! From the fog!

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But instead I'm watching clips of German!SPN. I find myself oddly fascinated by Sam and Dean's German accented non verbal noises. Like heavy breathing, laughter and gasps of pain.

How weird is Deutsche!Sam's laugh?

I'm sorry to say, but I don't think the guys dubbing Sam and Dean are the most amazing actors. Especially Dean's. I have Jensen's raspy, angry delivery in my head and it is way, way better. Although I am enjoying Sam saying "fleisch und blut und angst". Again, the laughter and pained breathing in which I swear I can hear the german are surreal.

Okay. Now I'm done. I just wanted to see the Christmas Cottage trailer and I have, distractions and all. Am I being too paranoid about spoilers when I cut for Kinkade movies? )

Anyway, I can't help thinking about how mercilessly Dean would tease Sam if he saw him some of those hats. It amuses me.
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Dude! This train to Edinburgh has free wifi! It's slower than a very slow thing, but it's actual access to the actual Internet that costs no actual money!

*loads... very... slooowly*
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So, I have a confession to make. I frequently watch episodes of tv shows while simultaneously pulling up a or some equivalent recap and checking exactly what happens if it looks like the episode is going to go too cheesy, or too horrifying, or just generally bad. I almost wish I did that this time. My heart is still recovering. )
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I have nothing substantial to say, I am just trying to distract myself from the damn first look director's cut things they have of Supernatural. Why oh why do they do that? I have gotten further than I ever have before (almost) TOTALLY UNSPOILED. It's a miracle. I was even spoiled when I watched the first two seasons in a couple of weeks since I read the wikipedia page to see if I was interested. Articles I can resist. Even video interviews I can resist. But now the siren song of actual clips that will probably contain about as much Sam and Dean as all of last week's episode put together calls to me. "Come," it says. "Watch me. They'll still be at least half an hour you haven't seen. What if you die on Wednesday and never get to see any of it? You'd be sorry then. Watch me".

I have to go bake something. Only the crumbling of one aspect of my willpower can distract me. Does carrot cake count as healthy?

In happier news, the fourth season of Doctor Who is good again! And they somehow made Donna more than half awesome even though she kicked off my apathy for season three! And they went to Ancient Roman times which I've wanted them to since forever! And I'm pretty sure whoever wrote it took the same Cambridge Latin course at school that I did! I was sad Grumio and Clemens never made an appearance. Maybe Clemens had already been freed? Anyway, so far season four is the new season one! Celtic sounding translated Latin! Ood resolution! Return of the egg shaped Klingons! I got goosebumps at points! And then came here to overuse exclamation points!!!

Shit. Does this mean I have to give Torchwood a second chance?

Why yes. I have been watching TV and doing nothing productive all day. What of it?

I suck.

Apr. 4th, 2008 01:48 pm
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I always say I won't read spoilers. And there they are, clearly labelled, and I don't even pause before I click on them.

But that was the last time! I'll stop reading them tomorrow.
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So mostly I'm sick of the livejournal welcome post being the only thing I see, but hello there! I'm probably the only one reading this, but that's no reason not to be polite.

I've always had trouble keeping diaries for more than a few weeks, and this is mainly for the purposes of commenting on other's lj's, so I know I probably won't write much here. Which is why I've been reading livejournal for years without succumbing myself. But I am at last tired of being "Anonymous"! Now I have icons.


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