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I couldn't sleep the other night. So instead I did something productive and downloaded Cheaper by the Dozen, edited out any non essential scenes and uploaded it to YouTube. Unfortunately YouTube could somehow tell that I was uploading something Fox selfishly wants to keep to itself and rejected me, so instead I had to upload the file to megaupload.

So, if anyone fancies it here's Jared as a high school douchebag. I think I got all his bits, but to be honest I was fast forwarding, so if he did any lighting-fast drive-by bullying I could have missed it.

I should warn you, before you get invested, that Jared's character does not get any closure or redemption in this. We're rather left hanging as to what inner torment causes him to lash out at innocent small town newcomers. Some kind of cow or corn related childhood trauma perhaps? The writers chose to leave the details of Unnamed Bully's emotional journey up to us, and I think Jared's nuanced performance gives us all plenty to interpret. A rather more vexing issue is why Jared is the only person in the locker room wearing a shirt.

After that I started in on the copy of Flight of the Phoenix on my hard drive. Which, as you can see on YouTube since it didn't care about this film, is really the tragic story of John Davis and his protective older redheaded lover. You can download it too, if you're into that sort of thing.

Jared isn't in the last scene, but I decided to keep in the outpouring of grief for emotional resonance. You may be able to tell from my use of the word grief that Jared dies... and I should warn you it's with little dignity. He also cries some unmanly tears of fear before that. Additionally, my unprofessional editing may have had a negative impact on the cinematography and narrative coherency. The plane crash is really quite complicated. You should actually watch this movie if it's on!
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Okay, how is it that I cannot find the full Movie Life: House of Wax ANYWHERE. Admittedly I am not the best at finding stuff on the Internet, but I usually manage eventually! This time all I can find is some random clips, such as this YouTube video in which Chad is very sweet about Jared towards the end.

I suspect this has been edited to boost Jared's screentime, but I still want more! There were FIVE episodes! Maybe a Paris Hilton fan (I hear she was the main focus of them) has them somewhere. But I have no idea where to go for that. And I'm scared of what I might see.

Also, Chad loves Jared and could never say anything bad about him. Awww. *cough* I mean. J2. Yes.
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I saw Friday the 13th!  )

In unrelated news, I now feel guilty for determinedly mentally editing the make-up out of any Jared/Sam fic involving eyeliner. Apparently it actually IS hot.
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I'm always amused at myself when celebrities do a whole spate of talk show promotion stuff at once, because when you're a obsessive fan who watches them all you start to see all the patterns and little things they repeat. Sometimes it's whole anecdotes, sometimes it's smaller stuff. Jared is very fond of his Jason-in-costume first meeting of Derek and Jensen, in his adorable nervousness, had clearly prepared a few recent holiday anecdotes for his run of talk shows (since he and Jared have both done the bee story to death... I don't know if I miss it, but I do look back at it with great fondness). And of course there are some questions that always get asked (Were you a fan of the original Friday the 13th movies?) and only so many ways to answer, so you get a lot of repetition that way. But I like the more subtle stuff, like Jared taking his spontaneous (or seemingly at least, you can never be sure) joke in response to the Good Morning Arizona interviewer's question and then working it into his KTLA interview because he liked it. Or the joke one of the newscasters on Sacramento CW made about Jason and the muppets that Jared laughed at and totally stole at the premier. It makes me feel this combination of embarrassed at my clearly atypical level of Internet stalking and um... oddly accomplished at my clearly atypical level of Internet stalking. You cannot hide from fandom Jared and Jensen! We know all your secrets BWAH HA HA HA.
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Ugh. Today sucks. For one thing, I seem intent on burning off my own hands recently. I go through most of my life perfectly capable of using an oven mitt and operating a hot stove, but the past week or so I have burned my hands three times on the oven. I have one shiny pink patch, one about to be shiny and pink scabby patch and now one long thin blister across the back of my hand that just looks bizarre. I'm starting to think it's a sign of a secret tumour that is forming in the very specific part of my brain that controls my proprioception when I bend down.

Worse, I finally got an e-mail back about some office type work I did for a while back in December saying the reason I still haven't been paid is that the 'hours worked' section on my form wasn't filled in. And apparently I've been e-mailed about it. Of course I never got any e-mails and I remember specifically going on my last day to tell the secretary how many hours I'd done while she wrote it down on a post-it to fill into my form later. I should never have trusted a post-it. I'm sure I'll get paid eventually but I'm still annoyed. I can't be annoyed at anyone because there's a new secretary who's only a temp. Plus, I'm incapable of berating strangers. But they're being all relaxed about it, "Oh it shouldn't take too long now. We've got all your bank details filled in and I'll get it in by tomorrow so I'm sure it will be soon" and completely failing to recognise that I am a starving student on a shoestring and it was actually a crucial part of my budget and not a lucky bonus. How long is "soon"? Can no one give me any exact dates? Ugh. It's very frustrating. I was a little tempted to fudge and give myself a few extra hours since they've apparently got brand new staff and are willing to take my word on it, but I resisted.

But don't they know that I was planning to go to the cinema at least twice next week? Except now I think I'll have to buy food instead. :( So Friday the 13th had better do well enough to stay in cinemas for a few weeks! Or till "soon" whenever "soon" may be.

To cheer me up, the hash brown casserole has turned out ridiculously delicious, in a very rich and creamy way. I'm writing the recipe down and never making it again. Or saving it for a large gathering of people at least. Still. Mmmm, creamy cheesy potato goodness. The memory of you will have to sustain me through an unspecified period of plain rice and baked beans.

Also cheering me up is Shake The Leaves Off The Trees which may be the exact fic which I have been longing (in that guilty way in which I want RPF that relates closely to real life events) for since Jared and Sandy broke up. It's kind of amazing.
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I totally meant to do some work on my essay today, but instead I spent all evening watching random Whose Line Is It Anyway clips on YouTube. And crying with laughter. I especially love this clip because for once Drew Carey has stumbled on some fangirls for audience participation instead of the usual confused old ladies who have possibly never watched the show. Can invisible babies be slightly gross?

And I saw My Bloody Valentine the other day, so spoilers lurking ) Truly horrifically terrifying was the The Unborn trailer. That I may be too chicken to see. Friday the 13th (sadly they only showed the teaser trailer, but there was about a second of big screen Jared!) looked sudden-shock scary, but The Unborn looked like it might twist your mind for life.

Finally, if anyone hasn't read it, J2 HIgh School AU fic My Heart Don't Beat the Way it Used To will make you smile for hours. Seriously. I'm still giddy.
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But instead I'm watching clips of German!SPN. I find myself oddly fascinated by Sam and Dean's German accented non verbal noises. Like heavy breathing, laughter and gasps of pain.

How weird is Deutsche!Sam's laugh?

I'm sorry to say, but I don't think the guys dubbing Sam and Dean are the most amazing actors. Especially Dean's. I have Jensen's raspy, angry delivery in my head and it is way, way better. Although I am enjoying Sam saying "fleisch und blut und angst". Again, the laughter and pained breathing in which I swear I can hear the german are surreal.

Okay. Now I'm done. I just wanted to see the Christmas Cottage trailer and I have, distractions and all. Am I being too paranoid about spoilers when I cut for Kinkade movies? )

Anyway, I can't help thinking about how mercilessly Dean would tease Sam if he saw him some of those hats. It amuses me.


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