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P.S Is this not the cutest proposal ever? I want to marry that dude. ♥

I can just imagine the moment she sees the photo. :D
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There is one item of clothing which I have always found to be, somewhat unaccountably, the sexiest thing ever. EVER EVER. On men and women. Today (or a few days ago, but I was away for a long weekend) GQ brought me not just the name of that garment, so that I can stop awkwardly describing it, but also pictures of Matt Bomer wearing it. THANK YOU GQ. I am thinking of taking out a subscription in gratitude.

Is this one of those things that is all over flists everywhere? Well, I'm posting it anyway. Matt Bomer in various Henleys. And random Jared Padalecki from a few years ago, because HENLEY. UNF. )

My long weekend was AWESOME by the way. Open House Weekend is one of my very favourite times of year (there may be a post later on the ridiculous number of places I squeezed in) and as a bonus, I got to hang out with [ profile] lazy_daze Saturday night. I have been left with a ridiculously long list of thing I must watch/read/listen to as a result, but I got to commiserate/squee over SPN and talk about Project Runway, so I am happy. :D
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So, I'm in London, which in great for several reasons. It's London and my favourite place on earth. I can see all my friends who didn't escape to a different country (Scotland is totally a different country. I keep getting weird looks when I use the money, especially as the new stuff looks like Euros. And since my old job paid in cash I still have a steady supply of pseudo euros trickling out into the local economy) for university. I can buy some clothes before I go back to Edinburgh, where you have to go all the way to Glasgow before you can find anything cheap and acceptable to wear. It is also great because I am not in Libya like I have been the past month, and things like the phone, and the Internet, and public transport and rain actually work again. Most of the time.

But it is not all good. Because I am staying with my dad. And his mid life crisis has taken the form of... composting. Indoors. And I don't think he's cleaned much since I moved out four years ago. And I am afraid (make that, disgusted) to go in the kitchen because there are fruit flies everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

We don't have a garden. He buries the organic material in public gardens and flower beds in the middle of the night. He has a little plastic spade. He calls them "biodumps". Last night, I was lookout. I don't think it's illegal to fertilise outdoor public spaces. A little eccentric maybe.

I am not fussy about housekeeping. I lived with a single man most of my childhood. I can put up with a lot. And I admit the second "everywhere" I used above may have been a tad dramatic. We're nowhere near How Clean is Your House level, because you can still see at least part of all the surfaces, there are no serious smells and nothing furry or larger than a fruit fly has appeared to me. Yet. But this is still really gross. I may have to succumb to gender stereotypes, kick my dad out for a day and scrub all the way to the walls. I already ineptly hemmed my dad's suit trousers and sewed all the buttons back onto his favourite shirt, so I may as well go the whole hog.

Nevertheless, I am going to be kind of glad to escape back North in a few days to try and catch some Festival action before it's all over.

Also, normally I like Jensen a lot, but for whatever reason am not all that attracted. But. Um. Especially the first one. I may be in love with the photographer. I wouldn't have thought a flower in the mouth would do it for me. But apparently I don't know myself that well.

Coming across things like that is why I missed the Internet so much this last month.

*hugs the Internet and sobs in happiness at the reunion and wistful sadness at all the little things that have probably been missed*


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