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So I wrote a little comment fic in the H/c meme the other day which is here. Memes are nice in that I actually finish stuff because it's meant to be short, but bad in that I don't have the usual few days to forget what I wrote and reread it for quality. It ended up with a surprisingly large dose of Castiel because I'm torn up with curiosity over Sam's alleged dark antichrist destiny. Dean just can't be expected to have any rational thoughts on it, whereas Castiel has an indirect link to God. Also allegedly in my opinion, but it's still something. I really really want Sam and Castiel to have a proper conversation in canon. Like Dean and Ruby's adversarial relationship was often more interesting in S3, Sam and Castiel's uncertain dynamic is so fascinating. I have played their scenes in OtHoaP more times than I want to admit.

I mention this longing not to pimp by own wee fic offering, but because I have a rec. I am far from giving up hope for a Sam/Castiel conversation/confrontation this season, but even if they have one I doubt it will be as satisfying as Prodigal Blues by [ profile] datenshiblue and [ profile] caelumi. For one thing, people just don't have conversations this long and involved on TV (probably because someone thinks we don't have the attention span... actually a fair assessment). This is brilliant meta in the form of brilliant fic with perfect characterisation and all these deep insights I hadn't thought of or hadn't managed to articulate quite so well. I am half blown away and half sad it didn't happen on screen, which is how truly awesome fic always makes me feel.
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My folder of RPF bookmarks continues to be bigger and grow faster than my folder of wincest bookmarks, and it is still a little odd. Sam and Dean are just kind of hard to read about nowadays. I love them as much as I ever did, I continue to read more SPN fic than I technically have time for and I know they were always a pair of angsty little angsters, but before their misery was balanced out by their intimacy and now everything is falling apart.

I can see the reasons why this season has gone the way it has, even if I don't like them. Sam and Dean have both had their individual lives and souls placed in jeopardy and putting the one sacrosanct thing left, the oft mentioned "third character" of their relationship, in serious peril was perhaps the ante left to up. At times this season I've thought that Sam had no plotline and lost a lot of faith in the show, but he has had a journey. It's just mostly happened off screen. I am far from convinced that keeping a sense of mystery around Sam's evolution was worth cutting fifty percent of the cast to a supporting role, but it does make me hope that it's not a permanent change. After 4.16 I really don't see what could be left to hold back about what Sam has been doing, so I have more hope than I've had in a while that he'll be a significant part of whatever finale we're building to. And if season 5 can be about Sam and Dean rebuilding their relationship, I'd be pretty happy with it. Of course, statistically speaking, the next season is going to be even angstier than this one and upon watching it I'll be forced to put season 4 into the "happy period" of the first three seasons, but seriously SERIOUSLY I cannot fathom how this show could get more depressing for a whole season unless the brothers separated permanently, and then the whole format just wouldn't work anymore. So you know, hope springs eternal.

But for today I soothed myself with nostalgia by reading some old stories I missed before. It's wrong that the year Sam and Dean spent ticking down to Dean's painful death is now relatively happy, but it is, so if anyone hasn't read Gravity Sings by [ profile] zooey_glass04 and [ profile] parenthetical I recommend it. It's a really good, plotty, established Wincest casefile, a sub genre I have a huge soft spot for. There are a lot of genius gen and first-time casefile fics knocking about and a huge amount of very hot established relationship porn, but when Sam and Dean are so uncertain on screen it is nice to read about them solid and together without question, kissing routinely like an old married couple as they go about their hunting business. And then having passionate, possessive sex when they get back to the motel, because they're not actually an old married couple. Imperfectly is also fabulous and nostalgic with lots of plot and an established relationship.
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I tried to clear some icon space by deleting redundant icons... and ended up with three icons of Sam/Jared's legs to replace them. And I already miss my "easily amused" icon, even if I never used it because I mainly comment and it always seems vaguely insulting in the moment. I really should try and get rid of one/two of my three "Sam cries" icons, but he does it so well I can't bear it! All represent a different facet of Sam's tears! There's lighthearted, sincere and Dean's death specific. I need all those! This must be what packing is like for people who love shoes.

*is tossed on the horns of a furious dilemma*
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I don't know how this happened. This is the first thing I've written for Supernatural and it's only finished because it's less than a 1000 words, which may sadly be my limit.

Title: Sense Memory
Fandom: Supernatural
Category: Gen
Rating/Notes/Warnings: PG 13? What does one swear word get you? Set some time in season 1, but it could be anytime. Not betaed, if you need warning about that. And you may because I am not good with commas.
Word Count: 725
Summary: Sam is almost asleep when it happens again.

Here it is then... )
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Is it weird that I'm possibly a little bit more excited that it's Sam Winchester's birthday than I am that it is also my own? I think that is probably a worrying sign. Bear in mind however that almost everyone I know has their final exams at the moment, so any major celebration will have to wait a week or so. I think that makes it a little less obsessive.

Of course more than either of those things I was excited by the new episode of Supernatural I downloaded this morning. Oh, boys. I love you. Please don't go evil for more than an episode or two/to Hell at all/ away for months and months in just two weeks. Sadly I fear all three of those, or at least two, may come to pass instead of just one.

And don't fuss, I say that spoiler free. I haven't even seen the preview. Well, I heard one thing that makes no sense, but it gives me no information about what might happen. Yay for intense tension!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Sam! I will always be unreasonably glad we were born the same day, albeit a few years apart. It is even cooler than this being Leonardo Da Vinci's deathday. Despite you being a fictional character and him a real world changing person. I make no apologies!
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This isn't a huge deep meta, it's kind of obvious if you were in a certain frame of mind, but I haven't seen it any other episode discussion. I really enjoyed 'Jus in Bello', but one thing I thought was going to happen from half-reading a spoilery interview with Kripke didn't happen. I think.

Spoilers under the cut for 3.12 and also serious spoilers for arcs that will probably now be in S3.5/S4. Be warned! )
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I've been trying to stay away from the Internet to work on my dissertation, but totally failed after that episode. So here comes my first ever attempt at meta. Almost two thousand words of my spoiler free for next week, rather rambling personal opinions on 3.11 and Ruby under the cut.

For some reason that escapes me there's also a tiny bit of Xena, but only a little, it's all about SPN really, I promise. )


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