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Ugh. I am so glad that Supernatural is on tonight/tommorrow morning because I really need something to distract me from how frustrating real life is at the moment. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE AND THE WORLD?

But just before the next episode comes on to debunk whatever fanfictional healing can be found after last week, I really loved Ichor by RedLotusOasis. It may not be on lj, but it's definitely my favourite episode tag so far. It's a very soothing combination of exactly where I thought Sam's head was at during the episode and a touch of probably wishful thinking, but nevertheless most enjoyable, comforting. Boys boys boys (or as Jared and Jensen would have us say, men men men). I wish I could fool myself into thinking the season finale was 43 minutes of you talking out your issues in a locked motel room. Then you could save all that Lucifer business for season five. Sadly, I suspect that is an impossible dream. I would watch that so hard though.

ALSO I am left with a lingering concern after last week. Wait. Crap. Are we still cutting for 4.19 spoilers? Best to be safe I guess... )
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Damn it. It's my own fault for wandering into the dangerous waters of BuddyTV, but I had ten minutes to kill before my dinner was ready and I was looking for some random mindless Internet quiz when I ended up on their main page and accidentally read a revealing article title.

And now I have to say something. Spoilers for Supernatural 4.19. )

After that, I discovered my dinner was slightly burnt.


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