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Soooo. This is probably old news, but I maybe looked at some White Collar spoilers )

In other news, I can't believe we actually won! :D
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So I have done extensive research of one, but this is totally my favourite post 5.11 fic.

Let us forgive and never forget by [ profile] __tiana__.


Also I just got spoiled by Winchester Radio. So close! They did warn me, but I was at the sticky stage of kneading dough and I didn't get the earphones out in time. Curses. I need to find some more podfic to listen to because these podcasts are dangerous.

5.03 promo

Sep. 18th, 2009 02:47 pm
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Okay, so I caved. I watched next week's promo. And. )
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I totally got spoiled twice just now, not in big ways, but still. Putting "spoiler" just before something on the same line does not give my eyes enough time to stop reading! Spoiler, Dean gets pulled out Hell by an angel... you read that, right? But then I had to watch the promo, because I'm weak like that and it was too late and I realised I actually already read a Sera Gamble interview months ago that sort of spoiled it and had just forgotten so... one real spoiler and one half spoiler. *grumbles anyway*

I have a sudden overabundance of crime drama to watch this weekend. I managed to go a shockingly long time without realising that the Law & Order franchise has been expanded to the UK, The Mentalist looks almost as awesome as Criminal Intent used to be and I am kind of loving Castle. I have noticed the uncanny similarities between it and another comedy edged cop show featuring the odd couple pairing of a tough law enforcement officer and a wealthy book writing civilian, one of whom is played by the former brooding protagonist of a Joss Whendon show... but I totally have room for two of those in my life. Maybe three, if anyone else wants to oblige. Sarah Michelle Gellar can play a tiny but tough CIA agent and one day there can be a magnificent three way crossover event.

Anyway, Castle has an unreasonably schmoopy single dad plotline. If you want to make me love a character, making them an awkwardly affectionate single dad to a teenage daughter is a good start. I start to fondly compare them to my own awkwardly affectionate single dad, and suddenly I've accepted them into my heart. So initially veeery promisng, but it will all have to wait till tomorrow evening, because I have to go and finish cooking dahl for a pot lucky type thing, and I'm totally going to be late. It is tasting extra delicious though.
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Damn it. It's my own fault for wandering into the dangerous waters of BuddyTV, but I had ten minutes to kill before my dinner was ready and I was looking for some random mindless Internet quiz when I ended up on their main page and accidentally read a revealing article title.

And now I have to say something. Spoilers for Supernatural 4.19. )

After that, I discovered my dinner was slightly burnt.


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