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This week work has fixed closure days (there's bank holidays and maundy thursday and stuff) and I AM GOING TO SEE 'HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU' BEING FILMED. And then spending a five day weekend in London. Yay!! I am extremely psyched! I'm slightly underwhelmed by the host apparently being Lee Mack. Eh. But Paul Merton will be there! AND SO WILL I.

Of course then on SPN day I will be at my dad's with his landline (!!!!) Internet connection that is too old for my computer, but I shall try and figure something out. HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU. \0/
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I didn't realise how much TV I was watching this year until it ALL WENT AWAY. Before I had a proper lj and flist and everything I used to forget to catch up on stuff and then remember in dribs and drabs and download half a season at a time of this or that all through hiatuses so I barely noticed they existed (except for shows I read fic of and so had to watch regularly). But I've been watching pretty much everything I watch week by week to avoid getting too spoiled and now it's all gone. D:

This is probably why I spent half of today watching last season of So You Think You Can Dance, which I had never seen a minute of before in my life, but which I passionately cared about all evening. I was only surprised to see that that's where Cat Deeley ended up, and then it was dark outside and I'd blown off dinner for reality TV. Um.

Anyway, then I was marginally more productive and read fic (what? All reading is good for the soul. Even porn! And this wasn't porn! It contained porn, but that's different) which totally made my day. We’re still more in love than you think we are by [ profile] forallthewords which I hope everyone is going to read. Childhood best friends who fall in love never ceases to make me happy, and god I love how many brilliantly written examples of it there are in J2 fandom. There's My Heart Don't Beat the Way it Used To and We must reinvent love (those two and today's are my very favourites, I'm still giddy from my discovery earlier this week that the latter evolved into an entire verse when I wasn't looking and has a Big Bang sequel coming up) and Stupidly In Love and Caught in a Spin and The Decisions we make... and probably a few I forgot or haven't read. I should make a proper list and search of my bookmarks. If anyone else can think of any, tell me!

Finally, you all win, yes Glee does look very promising. Whatever. I was in a good mood anyway.

Edit: Harper's Island spoilers in the comments! Random, I know.
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Dollhouse )

You know what's definitely awesome? Season 2 of Dexter. How is it so good? It's a bit ridiculous. Awesome Sunday evening. And only two episodes to go! Holy cliffhanger! I kind of don't want to finish because there's only one more season before I have to start waiting for new episodes. I hate waiting for new episodes. Especially when I'm not really interested in fanfiction to soothe the gap. Sigh. Life is so hard.

I am also very happy about my hair today. I haven't cut in more than a year mostly because I can never be bothered to get around to stuff like that, but also because I have trouble choosing a hairdresser. It sounds stupid, but I swear, I have never in my life seen as many hairdressers in any city as there are in Edinburgh. There's three on every street and no one ever has any recommendations and how are you meant to pick one? What is the correct balance between reasonably priced and reasonably skilled? But my hair has finally grown out its shapeless I-really-need-a-haircut phase and into looking like its long on purpose, so it may be longer than I ideally like it, but I'm happy to leave it for now, and toss it about happily and dramatically when no one is looking because it has gotten to the awesomely curly ringlet stage of its life.
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At some point tonight, or for me tomorrow morning, NEW SUPERNATURAL! *hyperventilates* Actually, I'm not hyperventilating because it doesn't seem real. It's next month, right? I am only ever so slightly slightly spoiled for the ep, and kind of content about it in comparison to how massively I am spoiled for the two after it. Once they're done though, I am pure as driven snow.

To pass the time today I have watched TOO MUCH TELEVISION. And I'm not afraid to ramble about it. )

Ooops. I just automatically used lj italic making html formatting in an e-mail to someone I know who has a perfectly normal non fannish lj and does not know that I have one where I am unusually obsessed with a TV program they've never heard of and of course it didn't make italics. It's just there and now I'm all paranoid that's it's obvious I use lj even though it's widely spread basic html stuff and not at all limited to this site.

*look shiftily over shoulders*

And now I'm going to watch Leverage, because everyone keeps mentioning it, I may have forgotten what Christian Kane looks like, it seems to have Jane from Coupling in it and I don't think my brain is mushy enough to go to sleep yet when I know that somewhere a few million people will soon be watching Supernatural in real time.

I envy you lucky bastards, but at least I don't have to watch the commercials.


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