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Since SPN isn't on this weekend *grumble* here are three other things I've watched recently that are awesome!

Nikita- I felt disloyal to Alias at first, but I cannot resist the lure of a show where a feisty and angsty woman can kick everybody else's arse whenever they feel like it, especially if there are spies and revenge involved. I am glad I gave it a go, because Nikita has action, cool and improbable spy stuff, a few twists I only sort of saw coming, an unusual and interesting relationship between two of the main characters, several strong female characters and much less semi-nudity than I thought there would be based on the first few scenes of the first episode. It also relies not at all on shoehorned in supernatural elements that are never properly explained *coughRambaldicough*.

The Fashion Show- I felt disloyal to Project Runway at first, but once again, betrayal tastes good! Besides, PR betrayed me first by letting Gretched take the prize over Mondo. There is a lot going on that differentiates TFS from PR! A fashion house set up where there are two rival "fashion houses", actual fashion shows with an audience each week where they have the chance to control the staging, lighting and choreography, prizes like extra time when you win a challenge and Iman, who is an incredibly.... feisty presenter. This is only a slight exaggeration of her presenting style. I have devoured the first three episodes this week and I LOVE IT. There is drama and discussable clothing and interesting changing dynamics. What more could you want?

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows- I laughed, I cried (a lot), I enjoyed this more than any Harry Potter movie to date. All three main kids acted better than they ever have, and it didn't feel like a fragmented series of unconnected scenes. It felt like a cohesive film! I think getting out of Hogwarts helped immensely. It was depressing and doom laden as hell, too horrific for children at some points and occasionally genuinely scary, but that's exactly as it should be. There were so many lovely friendship (and more than friendship) moments between all combinations of Harry, Ron and Hermione that my heart was swelling with love even through the insurmountable odds, general bloodbath and displays of human cruelty. ILU HP!


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