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I'm actually posting again! It's been a while, but first I had no Internet, and then my charger broke, and then I was just lazy. But very soon I will be compelled to ramble weekly about Sam and Dean, so It's time to get derusted. Last month I was actually kind of apathetic about hiatus being over and Supernatural coming back... but now we're really getting down to the wire and the CW released that awesome O Death promo I am PSYCHED once more. Very effective marketing for once CW!

Of course being psyched makes waiting worse, so I've been attempting to distract myself with True Blood. I tried a while ago to watch the first episode and wasn't really sucked in, but I think that had more to do with the constant crashing of the streaming website I was trying to watch it on. But it's actually pretty good! It makes me wonder what Supernatural would be like if it was on cable.... But anyway, I am up to S1 episode 11 and the absolute hilarity of the real burden of Bill's sentence being not the tragic guilt of murdering a beautiful innocent young girl, but of being saddled with the UNDEAD'S MOST ANNOYING TEENAGER. Seriously, his face when she says he's the worst maker ever. Hee. I don't really love any of the characters or relationships that much though. They're all too fucked up and realistic! Someone will be awesome one episode (Lafayette putting those AIDS burger bigots in their place and Jason high fiving him), and I start to warm up to them, but they never keep it up long enough for me to love them while accepting their faults (Um, all the drug dealing and every other interaction Jason has). So I appreciate it, but I don't love it.

I saw the Time Traveller's Wife, and like all film adaptations it wasn't perfect. Claire's hair was the wrong colour and they changed and simplified and cut things and the falling pile of clothes thing was inappropriately amusing... but I may have cried almost the whole way through. Which I think that means I really really enjoyed it. I also had to hurry and get the audiobook right after and so now I am tearing up in many inappropriate public locations, such as Sainsbury's this afternoon when Henry met Alba for the first time.

Finally, I am moving soon! To Oxford not London, because the only place in London I can afford to live is with my dad, and I do not know how I got to adulthood in that tiny one bedroom flat with someone as hectic as my father. I love him to death, but I need more space. And cleaner kitchen surfaces. Oxford is commuting distance and I will be living with my best friend since I was eleven, so I fully expect funtimes to commence shortly! \0/

I lied about finally. Here's a random tv show meme I found somewhere or other yonks ago and never posted. )
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I had a great birthday! The good mood is still lingering. I remember there was homemade ginger ice cream (SO gingery) with chunks of sponge cake and golden syrup swirls in it and a lot of deceptively strong vodka jelly. Instruments often come out at some point in gatherings of my friends (I don't know how I met these people... I can't play anything!) and yesterday someone produced a banjo from what was thought to be a guitar case and someone else had a violin and then it all gets a little fuzzy. Except that at about three in the morning I decided to bake cheesecake brownies to wrap things up. Mmmm. And then today, since I love baking and there wasn't any cake yesterday (except crumbled in ice cream) me and a friend made Nigella Lawson's Guinness cake. It's actually still cooling, but it smells divine and the batter was YUMMY and it's described by Nigella as "damp blackness" which just sounds sinfully good. I love the damp kind of chocolate cake. And it's so pretty. Click the link!

Dollhouse! Still with the surprises. Okay, okay, spoiler cut )

• I don't think it counts as a spoiler since it's been established since the pilot, but the point of Harper's Island continues to be not the body count, but Katie Cassidy naked. It is more fun than murder.

• I cut the trailer from the end of SPN 4.20 and deleted the original from my hard drive because the temptation was too much. And then I watched a different (shorter and vaguer, I think) promo on youtube. Ooops. But it recommended it to me! It would have been rude to refuse. So... has anyone seen the Space promo? If so, TALK TO ME. *unbearable anticipation*

I know they're technically AUs of the Disney movies, but there have been J2 versions of almost all my biggest childhood books. The Swiss Family Robinson and Heidi and 101 Dalmations (which due to a baggage mix up was the only book I had on holiday on a tiny greek island once when I was younger. I alternated reading that or the Starlight Barking every single day for a month) (also, this is set in LONDON). It's the best thing ever! You think after a couple of decades you've probably reached a plateau in your love for something, but then someone writes the J2 version and it's all shiny again.

Now if someone writes the J2 version of What Katy Did I can die happy. I'm not entirely sure how it would work. For one thing, most of the characters are related. What Katy Did Next would be better since it has an actual romantic plotline. Or I guess maybe What Katy Did At School because boarding school is rife with sexual tension when you're not in a 19th century children's book. I can see it! Less "School of Pain" and women learning to be demure and patient and more kissing, fixing most of my issues with the books as an adult! I think Jared would be Katy. Because he's got long limbs and wild hair. And I really enjoyed him under the influence of a sunny tempered, good hearted, unselfconsciously virtuous teenage girl in the Heidi AU. Katy's goodness only starts out self conscious. Plus, Jensen has already proven he looks good in a military type uniform if you go for him as Ned.

You know what? I just want a whole Children's Classics J2 book!AU challenge.

EDIT: Some 4.21 Space promo spoilers in comments!
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• Just a few moments ago there was a very traumatic incident where my browser SUDDENLY QUIT. Which has never happened before, except that one time I was opening some dodgy flash page it didn't like. And then... IT HAPPENED AGAIN. Just a few seconds later. PLEASE DON'T BE DYING MY DARLING. It's nothing huge that actually suggests a total system failure and I'm still covered by my extended warranty if it is, but I love my laptop more than I should and if it dies I will cry and carry its corpse with me for days. Possibly I'm overreacting. But I love it! I love you laptop! I promise to hug you more if you stay alive! Anyway. I had to type that to make sure it knows, because I'm not sure whether or not it can hear me when I whisper to it.

• Dollhouse is still really good! I want to discuss it, but I also don't want to be informed of any creepy ways it's misogynistic that I haven't thought of or that Joss Whendon must hate women, so I'm scared to go looking for fan reactions. That is what the pre show buzz I stumbled on was like. And they hadn't even seen it yet. I'm probably being paranoid. Again. But I'm easily put off in the early stages of attachment, and I'm still in the early stages despite the season almost being over. I love the plot, but it's hard to get that attached when the characters are mostly either bad guys or wipeable dolls. Sure, they're bad guys with varying issues and personalities, but I can't get over their jobs. And I do have my favourite dolls (it swings beteen Sierra and November.... sorry Echo! I like you a lot, but there can only be one winner. Or two, apparently. But not three!) but that's kind of arbitrary since they don't actually have personalities. Allegedly. I miss the days when all my friends watched Buffy and we'd talk about on fridays at school. Why is this not on UK TV yet?

• There needs to be a comm for J2 podfic. I keep missing stuff. Or I keep almost missing stuff, and then wondering how much I might actually unknowingly miss. Today tragedy was only narrowly averted when I skim read the newsletter and missed the podfic of And the rest, as they say, is history. But then the tab of it somehow reappeared when I restored my last browser session after the aforementioned traumatic sudden quitting. Hey! Maybe that was my computer making sure I saw it the only way it could! Maybe it does hear me whisper.
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Dollhouse 1.9 )

I covet the extra seven minutes or so of airtime Dollhouse gets for certain other TV shows.

Edit: So is there an active called *tries to choose between Uniform and Yankee as the most ridiculous phonetic alphabet name... fails* Golf? Papa? Hotel?
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Dollhouse. I appear to be getting into it. But two things. )

In the end, Dollhouse is largely an inadequate distraction from my true desire. I really really need it to be Thursday now.
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Dollhouse )

You know what's definitely awesome? Season 2 of Dexter. How is it so good? It's a bit ridiculous. Awesome Sunday evening. And only two episodes to go! Holy cliffhanger! I kind of don't want to finish because there's only one more season before I have to start waiting for new episodes. I hate waiting for new episodes. Especially when I'm not really interested in fanfiction to soothe the gap. Sigh. Life is so hard.

I am also very happy about my hair today. I haven't cut in more than a year mostly because I can never be bothered to get around to stuff like that, but also because I have trouble choosing a hairdresser. It sounds stupid, but I swear, I have never in my life seen as many hairdressers in any city as there are in Edinburgh. There's three on every street and no one ever has any recommendations and how are you meant to pick one? What is the correct balance between reasonably priced and reasonably skilled? But my hair has finally grown out its shapeless I-really-need-a-haircut phase and into looking like its long on purpose, so it may be longer than I ideally like it, but I'm happy to leave it for now, and toss it about happily and dramatically when no one is looking because it has gotten to the awesomely curly ringlet stage of its life.


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