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Dec. 23rd, 2010 01:51 pm
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I am the only person in the office. It is Christmas Eve Eve. I am finding it very hard to actually do any work. I keep getting distracted by a computer game where a cat tries to make itself fat by eating lots of sushi.
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So my charger is broken AGAIN. Apple are sending me a replacement within two weeks under my warranty. I may have just bought a new one off ebay for £13 anyway because I can't stand to wait that long for the next episode of SPN. I AM TENSE OKAY? And not having a computer sucks even when it isn't SPN day. Fingers crossed it arrives by Saturday or I really will have wasted a tenner. Also they better give us some bloody answers because this is turning out to be a very expensive episode.

Anyway, if I ignore your comments for a few days it is because I am totally computerless. This is my flatmate's computer, but she is usually using it and I have to keep erasing the history in case it mentions porn. My home laptop is all tired out and I can't even skive off at work to check my flist because we are in the midst of moving offices and all the computers and phones have been disconnected. Tomorrow I will be there all alone coordinating movers and I can't even phone anyone because there ARE NO PHONES. How did I end up in charge of stuff?
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Ugh. Today sucks. For one thing, I seem intent on burning off my own hands recently. I go through most of my life perfectly capable of using an oven mitt and operating a hot stove, but the past week or so I have burned my hands three times on the oven. I have one shiny pink patch, one about to be shiny and pink scabby patch and now one long thin blister across the back of my hand that just looks bizarre. I'm starting to think it's a sign of a secret tumour that is forming in the very specific part of my brain that controls my proprioception when I bend down.

Worse, I finally got an e-mail back about some office type work I did for a while back in December saying the reason I still haven't been paid is that the 'hours worked' section on my form wasn't filled in. And apparently I've been e-mailed about it. Of course I never got any e-mails and I remember specifically going on my last day to tell the secretary how many hours I'd done while she wrote it down on a post-it to fill into my form later. I should never have trusted a post-it. I'm sure I'll get paid eventually but I'm still annoyed. I can't be annoyed at anyone because there's a new secretary who's only a temp. Plus, I'm incapable of berating strangers. But they're being all relaxed about it, "Oh it shouldn't take too long now. We've got all your bank details filled in and I'll get it in by tomorrow so I'm sure it will be soon" and completely failing to recognise that I am a starving student on a shoestring and it was actually a crucial part of my budget and not a lucky bonus. How long is "soon"? Can no one give me any exact dates? Ugh. It's very frustrating. I was a little tempted to fudge and give myself a few extra hours since they've apparently got brand new staff and are willing to take my word on it, but I resisted.

But don't they know that I was planning to go to the cinema at least twice next week? Except now I think I'll have to buy food instead. :( So Friday the 13th had better do well enough to stay in cinemas for a few weeks! Or till "soon" whenever "soon" may be.

To cheer me up, the hash brown casserole has turned out ridiculously delicious, in a very rich and creamy way. I'm writing the recipe down and never making it again. Or saving it for a large gathering of people at least. Still. Mmmm, creamy cheesy potato goodness. The memory of you will have to sustain me through an unspecified period of plain rice and baked beans.

Also cheering me up is Shake The Leaves Off The Trees which may be the exact fic which I have been longing (in that guilty way in which I want RPF that relates closely to real life events) for since Jared and Sandy broke up. It's kind of amazing.
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So for the first time ever I sort of have a nine to five job. I say sort of because it's only going to last for a week or two at the most, but I do get up in the morning and work eight hours five/six days a week, so it's like a mini preview of life after graduation. It's one of those jobs that is made of tedium and monotony crammed into a small stuffy room, but it manages to combine that with being difficult, not in a challenging way that might keep you awake, but in a blank staring, how on earth am I meant to cite this authorless, titleless, publisherless, dateless and contextless random page of meeting minutes in the Chicago style kind of way. I kind of wish that both academics and the Nunavut government were better at labeling things with all the things they should be labelled. However I shouldn't complain because the University of Edinburgh is an awesome employer and for some reason has a minimum wage that is comfortably more than twice the national minimum wage and so I am, relative to my usual part time menial jobs, raking it in. Yay for food and actually going out and being able to take the bus again!

A hideous side effect is that I am slightly deprived of fandom time. I keep going to bed early and stuff! It's most inconvenient. My tabs are overflowing with untapped goodness. Friday and Saturday will be consumed by end of term Christmas parties, but on Sunday I shall enjoy a glorious glut of fic.


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