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P.S Is this not the cutest proposal ever? I want to marry that dude. ♥

I can just imagine the moment she sees the photo. :D

WhiCo 2.16

Mar. 9th, 2011 10:26 pm
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WHITE COLLAR FINALE. The question on everyone's lips )

I know some of you watch it. TALK TO ME.
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So, it took countless download attempts on three occasions from four different sources and I ended up with a crappy resolution 100mb file I am definitely going to have to redownload for proper examination of Sam's face when I am back in place with faster speeds that 9kb per second (FOR SERIOUS, 9KB) but NEW SPN OMG!! )
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WC spoilers )

Also, I am very sad because I am going abroad for two weeks ON Friday the 28th and will probably have to wait till I get back to watch SPN. D: D: I tried for Saturday, but the ticket price goes up by about £100 the next day, and as much as I love SPN, I am not paying £100 for one episode. So save a little discussion for me on the 13th!

tick tock

Dec. 23rd, 2010 01:51 pm
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I am the only person in the office. It is Christmas Eve Eve. I am finding it very hard to actually do any work. I keep getting distracted by a computer game where a cat tries to make itself fat by eating lots of sushi.
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Oh dear. I have actually lost my voice. Curse you laryngitis.
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Tonight I just about died over how amazing You're a Real Fucking Page-turner by [ profile] standing_fic is. Then I read it again. READ IT.
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Soooo. This is probably old news, but I maybe looked at some White Collar spoilers )

In other news, I can't believe we actually won! :D
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I didn't do a reaction last week, but that's because it would have been a list of awesome quotes and some squee with the caveat that while I love soulless Sam I still want real Sam back. This week I have thoughts!

SPN 6.10 )
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If anyone has been dying to know following this post, I went for the brown ones. A combination of comments and the pink tone the purple ones had to them in the shop swayed me, and my feet and I are very happy indeed. I tramped gleefully through the snow on the towpath to work this morning and my toes were toasty warm! There is a little bit above the heel that rubs slightly and needs to be broken in, but for Doc Martens they are amazingly comfortable first go round. Wooo boots! \0/ (I may be thinking of saving up for purple and getting them after Christmas)

This overheard thing is incredibly cute. :D

I just had a dinner of pancetta and pea risotto made with bulgar wheat instead of risotto rice and OMG, it was SO delicious. I thoroughly recommend bulgar wheat as an alternative to rice. It came out surprisingly creamy and it picks up flavour amazingly, as well as being yummy in its own right.
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The snow has reached Oxfordshire! This morning I was at the bus stop with some language students who had never seen snow before, which was quite sweet.

Still, I cannot believe it has snowed in November. It's not even Christmas yet. It's not even the month of Christmas! Remember when the idea of a White Christmas in England seemed like a ridiculous Victorian fantasy? Granted it's not that deep, but it's deep FOR NOVEMBER.

Since it is snowing in Autumn, I fully expect it to get worse from here on in which is an excellent excuse to stop hemming and hawing and buy some expensive but allegedly durable boots I've been eying for a while. I do love them. And I did get a tax rebate that mostly covers them. It is more money than I've spent on one pair of shoes ever, and on shoes at all in the past few years, but I am hoping it will be an investment. My shoe stinginess is probably why I have practically no wearable shoes, but a damp pile of crumbling, peeling, vaguely foot shaped bits of faux leather and extremely cold toes. If the UK is a snow country now, I have got to shape up.

Even this leaves the question of purple or brown. Brown will go with more stuff, but most of my clothes will go with purple. Brown is fleece lined for warmth, but the fleece only goes to the ankles, leaving the feet cold and unsnuggled. Plus, the purple lining is prettier. Purple is more unusual- you can almost always find some cool boots that Indiana Jones might wear if he was a women in brown, but purple? That comes along less often. The purple are also lower in the bestseller list, meaning they will be slightly unusual.

I think I sense a poll coming on.

[Poll #1651185]
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Since SPN isn't on this weekend *grumble* here are three other things I've watched recently that are awesome!

Nikita- I felt disloyal to Alias at first, but I cannot resist the lure of a show where a feisty and angsty woman can kick everybody else's arse whenever they feel like it, especially if there are spies and revenge involved. I am glad I gave it a go, because Nikita has action, cool and improbable spy stuff, a few twists I only sort of saw coming, an unusual and interesting relationship between two of the main characters, several strong female characters and much less semi-nudity than I thought there would be based on the first few scenes of the first episode. It also relies not at all on shoehorned in supernatural elements that are never properly explained *coughRambaldicough*.

The Fashion Show- I felt disloyal to Project Runway at first, but once again, betrayal tastes good! Besides, PR betrayed me first by letting Gretched take the prize over Mondo. There is a lot going on that differentiates TFS from PR! A fashion house set up where there are two rival "fashion houses", actual fashion shows with an audience each week where they have the chance to control the staging, lighting and choreography, prizes like extra time when you win a challenge and Iman, who is an incredibly.... feisty presenter. This is only a slight exaggeration of her presenting style. I have devoured the first three episodes this week and I LOVE IT. There is drama and discussable clothing and interesting changing dynamics. What more could you want?

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows- I laughed, I cried (a lot), I enjoyed this more than any Harry Potter movie to date. All three main kids acted better than they ever have, and it didn't feel like a fragmented series of unconnected scenes. It felt like a cohesive film! I think getting out of Hogwarts helped immensely. It was depressing and doom laden as hell, too horrific for children at some points and occasionally genuinely scary, but that's exactly as it should be. There were so many lovely friendship (and more than friendship) moments between all combinations of Harry, Ron and Hermione that my heart was swelling with love even through the insurmountable odds, general bloodbath and displays of human cruelty. ILU HP!
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This is totally ridiculous and I watch everything on my computer not my TV but I WANT ONE. It makes watching TV fun! Or changing channels and adjusting the volume fun, but that's the less fun part anyway.

As close to a functioning magic wand as you will ever get.



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