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I went to see Harry Potter a couple of days ago at a ridiculously early hour (well, 10.00am, I didn't know cinemas even opened that early) because my friend and I both had to go to work in the afternoon and evening when normal people go... and I really enjoyed it! Even though we missed the first something minutes for no good reason. You see, there was a performance at 9.45 and a performance at 10.15 and we arrived at 10.00 and asked for tickets to Harry Potter... and didn't realise until we walked into our screen that we were sold tickets for the 9.45. Which for some reason did not have the standard 20-30 minutes of ads and previews but was already at Slughorn's. And now I wish we'd gone and asked for new tickets, but at the time we just scrambled into seats. Damn it. I suppose the cashier did let me use my money off voucher, even though it was two days expired, so maybe I just lost my 70p worth of movie. Ah well. I shall see it again at some point, and there's probably a cam copy online I can peek at. Cut for rambling and film/book spoilers. )

I've even been catching up some HP fics that were WIPs when I drifted away from fandom, or checking to see if my old favourite authors have done new stuff, and enjoying it in a hiatusy way. Overall I think the fic in SPN fandom is better (or maybe it's more that the average quality is higher since the audience is smaller and older and that the general tone is more adult, grounded in a grittier version of reality than the quirky Victorian fantasy of HP? And I now spend more time on lj and less time on specific fic sites?), but I do miss the endless possibilities of magic as a plot device and the comforting familiarity of the wizarding world and British spelling/locations/vocabulary. And the huge variety of pairings. And girls. And so many stories involving my favourite character as the main focus without me ending up feeling guilty for marginalizing my second favourite character. I even sort of miss the formulaic school structure. SPN has its own formulas of course, but they're slightly less entrenched. I might have to reread DH too. I realised the other day that a scene I could have sworn happened was from a fanfic that I read more times than the book. Oh dear.

Also, Leverage = AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. It's one of those shows where watching it alone is actually frustrating because I feel the constant need to nudge someone else so we can wink at each other and acknowledge the awesomeness and how we both get it (making us maybe 1% as awesome as the writers and actors, but that's still 1% we didn't have before).

Harper's Island. I did not see that coming. Tell me you did and I may call you a liar.
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At some point tonight, or for me tomorrow morning, NEW SUPERNATURAL! *hyperventilates* Actually, I'm not hyperventilating because it doesn't seem real. It's next month, right? I am only ever so slightly slightly spoiled for the ep, and kind of content about it in comparison to how massively I am spoiled for the two after it. Once they're done though, I am pure as driven snow.

To pass the time today I have watched TOO MUCH TELEVISION. And I'm not afraid to ramble about it. )

Ooops. I just automatically used lj italic making html formatting in an e-mail to someone I know who has a perfectly normal non fannish lj and does not know that I have one where I am unusually obsessed with a TV program they've never heard of and of course it didn't make italics. It's just there and now I'm all paranoid that's it's obvious I use lj even though it's widely spread basic html stuff and not at all limited to this site.

*look shiftily over shoulders*

And now I'm going to watch Leverage, because everyone keeps mentioning it, I may have forgotten what Christian Kane looks like, it seems to have Jane from Coupling in it and I don't think my brain is mushy enough to go to sleep yet when I know that somewhere a few million people will soon be watching Supernatural in real time.

I envy you lucky bastards, but at least I don't have to watch the commercials.


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