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So I'm trying to make this other somewhat cheerier vid, but I'm not very good at it, several clips I'm looking for only seem to exist in my head and the boys keep being all sad and cross, so I got distracted and ended up siphoning off some leftover clips into this vidlet (it's only just over a minute...). Which is very simple and really just Sam and Dean being angsty, glancing about and not getting along as well in season 4 as they used to. Um... enjoy?

Everything is Wrong
music by moby

You can download it from Megaupload (11MB) or watch it on YouTube if you're so inclined.

Spoilers for all aired episodes of season 4.
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I couldn't sleep the other night. So instead I did something productive and downloaded Cheaper by the Dozen, edited out any non essential scenes and uploaded it to YouTube. Unfortunately YouTube could somehow tell that I was uploading something Fox selfishly wants to keep to itself and rejected me, so instead I had to upload the file to megaupload.

So, if anyone fancies it here's Jared as a high school douchebag. I think I got all his bits, but to be honest I was fast forwarding, so if he did any lighting-fast drive-by bullying I could have missed it.

I should warn you, before you get invested, that Jared's character does not get any closure or redemption in this. We're rather left hanging as to what inner torment causes him to lash out at innocent small town newcomers. Some kind of cow or corn related childhood trauma perhaps? The writers chose to leave the details of Unnamed Bully's emotional journey up to us, and I think Jared's nuanced performance gives us all plenty to interpret. A rather more vexing issue is why Jared is the only person in the locker room wearing a shirt.

After that I started in on the copy of Flight of the Phoenix on my hard drive. Which, as you can see on YouTube since it didn't care about this film, is really the tragic story of John Davis and his protective older redheaded lover. You can download it too, if you're into that sort of thing.

Jared isn't in the last scene, but I decided to keep in the outpouring of grief for emotional resonance. You may be able to tell from my use of the word grief that Jared dies... and I should warn you it's with little dignity. He also cries some unmanly tears of fear before that. Additionally, my unprofessional editing may have had a negative impact on the cinematography and narrative coherency. The plane crash is really quite complicated. You should actually watch this movie if it's on!
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Okay so... I seem to have made this Supernatural fanvid. Very odd indeed.

Hero Takes A Fall

Music: Hero Takes A Fall by the Bangles

Summary: And it won't feel bad at all when the hero takes a fall.

Warnings: This contains brief totally non plot spoilery clips from 4.12 and 4.13 (and lots of more juicy stuff from earlier S4) and at least one clip of those things Show shows that I cover my eyes for (but it's not the razorblades).

Available streamed on YouTube and for download as an .avi on Megaupload (26.9 MB). I'd really recommend downloading or at least clicking High Quality on YouTube.

I should warn you, I've never made one of these before, and it might show. But it was fun! Even if this video is not sure what mood it's shooting for, what its message is, whose POV it's from, who the protagonist is or even, at times, the plot of Supernatural. Do you mind if I talk about the ending briefly? ) Anyway, I blame the Bangles for all of this.


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